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    Set out on a Healing Tour to Donguibogam Village

    Sancheong has long been connected with noted doctors of old and oriental medicine. In particular, the medicinal herbs that grow on Jirisan Mountain around Sancheong are well-known for having great healing properties. With a history so rich in medical history, it is no wonder that Sancheong was host to the 2013 World Traditional Medicine E...

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    • Date05/24/2016
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    Exploring Wolbongseowon Confucian Academy

    Wolbongseowon Confucian Academy in Gwangsan-gu just outside of Gwangju was built in remembrance of the virtue and learning of Gobong Gi Daeseung, a leading Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). Wolbongseowon Confucian Academy was started with the building of Mangcheonsa Shrine after Gobong’s death, and was later moved to it...

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    • Date05/18/2016
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    Awaken Artistic Sensibility in Gangneung

    Star of the immensely popular drama “Dae Jang Geum,” Lee Young Ae is finally returning to the world of K-dramas through the upcoming historical drama, “Saimdang, Light's Diary.”

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    • Date05/13/2016
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    Meet ‘Descendants of the Sun’ in Incheon!

    Though the hit Korean drama on a love story of a handsome soldier and a beautiful lady doctor, “Descendants of the Sun” had recently came to an end, its popularity still lingers around as it continues to be the latest talk of the town.

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    • Date05/11/2016
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    Incheon Songdo International City, a City Embracing the Future

    Songdo embodies the future of Incheon. Built on reclaimed land, Songdo offers a number of attractions. A trip to Songdo can start at Central Park, a natural oasis in the city.

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    • Date05/03/2016
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    Fairy tales come alive in Paju

    In just an hour's drive from Seoul to the northwest lies the city of Paju, which is home to this beautiful culture town, a place packed with artistic and creative restaurants, dozens of coffee shops, and stylish stores attracting visitors of all ages.

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    • Date05/02/2016
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    Discover More in Jeonju!

    Walking through Jeonju Hanok Village, a quaint and peaceful breeze sings in tune with the punggyeong bells as the warm sunlight gently taps on your shoulders.

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    • Date04/29/2016
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    Religion, History and Art; a Trip to the Buddhist Temples of Korea

    Every year there are thousands of tourists who choose to visit one of Korea’s many beautiful Buddhist temples; the most common response is a sense of inner peace gained from spending a meaningful time.

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    • Date04/29/2016
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    Heal your Body and Mind at the Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine Festival

    Daegu is one of the major metropolitan cities of Korea. Though the city has many draws, it is primarily known for its textile and fashion industry and as a city of Oriental medicine and medical tourism.

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    • Date04/28/2016
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    Harmony of Chasabal & Scent of Tea – Mungyeong Traditional Chasabal Festival

    Spring in Korea is the season of flowers, mild weather, and plenty of unique and interesting festivals.

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    • Date04/25/2016
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