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    Discover the Stories of Mokpo & Yeongam

    Jeollanam-do, Korea’s southwestern region, is well-known for having an abundant number of foods to eat.

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    • Date08/25/2016
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    Secret Valley

    Up until very recently, Buam-dong’s Baeksasil Valley was a local secret. Heck, it didn’t even have a proper sign to mark its location until 2009. You can’t keep a place as beautiful as the Baeksasil Valley secret forever, however. Over the last decade, writers, bloggers and travelers have spread word of the enchanting forest, which is now...

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    • Date08/23/2016
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    Host City of 2018 Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang

    If the stresses and responsibilities of daily life have you feeling down, plan a trip for Pyeongchang, the host city of the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games.

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    • Date08/19/2016
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    Travel to Filming Sites of “Saimdang, Light’s Diary”

    The historical drama “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” is planned to premier January 2017, but is already drawing hot attention, due to the casting of hallyu star Song Seung-heon and Lee Young Ae; this drama is Lee’s biggest drama role since appearing in the internationally popular “Dae Jang Geum (2003).”

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    • Date08/17/2016
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    Korean Tea Culture Tour – A trip to Hadong and Boseong

    Hadong in Gyeongsangnam-do and Boseong in Jeollanam-do are two major hubs of green tea culture in Korea.

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    • Date08/11/2016
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    Discover Korea’s Grandest Landscape, Namhae

    Officially called Namhaedo Island, Namhae in Gyeongsangnam-do is the fifth largest island in Korea. The island is connected to the mainland by bridge making it feel less like an island.

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    • Date08/04/2016
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    BEST 5 Escapes in the City

    As temperatures soar, people dream of slipping into cool waters or even remember fondly the times of shivering in the chill of winter. On a summer trip, what could be better than finding a unique way to escape the heat?

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    • Date07/31/2016
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    Travel to “Uncontrollably Fond” Filming Locations

    This season’s hit drama is “Uncontrollably Fond,” showing the sad love story of top idol Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo-bin) and documentary producer No Eul (Bae Suzy).

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    • Date07/28/2016
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    A New Perspective on the City

    There’s nothing like a disused railway line to provoke mixed feelings. Too often, tracks laid using the cutting-edge technology of their time and at a huge human cost are unceremoniously ripped up or left to decay, victim to the supremacy of the automobile.

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    • Date07/24/2016
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    10 Summer Beach Destinations

    If you’re planning on vacationing in Korea this summer, be sure to check out at least one of the following beach destinations! Korea is surrounded on all three sides by water, giving it plenty of beaches in a variety of shapes and sizes that offer a welcomed escape from everyday life.

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    • Date07/18/2016
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