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    A New Perspective on the City

    There’s nothing like a disused railway line to provoke mixed feelings. Too often, tracks laid using the cutting-edge technology of their time and at a huge human cost are unceremoniously ripped up or left to decay, victim to the supremacy of the automobile.

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    • Date07/24/2016
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    Seaside Vacation in Ulsan

    On hot and humid days, people long to escape, envisioning themselves walking on sand wet from the waves of the ocean rolling in to the shore.

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    • Date07/13/2016
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    Two Girls’ Bucket List for Busan!

    Sometimes you meet someone in life and you instantly click, finding hundreds of similarities. Other times, it’s hard to come up with ten things in common, let alone one thing. Meet Tomoe from Japan and Kayla from America, two girls who are an example of the second type.

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    • Date07/11/2016
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    Tongyeong & Geoje, A Picturesque Destination

    Frequently referred to as the Naples of Korea, Tongyeong in Gyeongsangnam-do and Geoje, a large island surrounded by many smaller islands, offer fantastic scenic views and are ranked as one of the must-go travel destinations of Namhae.

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    • Date06/28/2016
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    Turning on the Path to Peace, Touring the DMZ

    Korea is famous for being the only divided country in the world. A once united people, the Korean War, which started on June 25, 1950, and lasted for three years, ended in a ceasefire and a nation divided into North and South Korea.

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    • Date06/26/2016
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    Exploring Yeomni-dong is sort of like traveling back in time. The dense, hillside maze of claustrophobic alleyways near Ewha Womans University Station is typical of residential neighborhoods of the 1970s.

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    • Date06/24/2016
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    Healing Retreat in Sokcho!

    Sokcho is an ideal location for vacationing, where Koreans flock to immediately as summer approaches.

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    • Date06/14/2016
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    Seoul’s Unique Cafes

    Recently the number of theme cafes in Seoul has risen; sipping a cup of coffee is enjoyable on its own, but the uniquely themed cafes take the experience to a new level.

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    • Date06/08/2016
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    A sentimental journey through Donghae

    Donghae, one of the easternmost cities of Korea, is surrounded by mountains on one side and an ocean on the other.

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    • Date06/03/2016
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    Go on a hunt for Jeonju’s UNESCO treasures!

    Besides the traditional hanok buildings and hanbok costumes that Jeonju city is well-known for, there is another charisma of the city that attracts people from around the nation here – the UNESCO cultural assets.

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    • Date06/02/2016
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