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    Let’s Discover Filming Sites from “Descendants of the Sun!”

    A love story of a handsome soldier and a beautiful lady doctor, “Descendants of the Sun” is the latest hit Korean drama and talk of the town. As the popularity of this television series continues to soar with record-breaking viewership ratings, the viewers are also gaining more interests in its filming locations.

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    • Date10/17/2016
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    Need-to-Know Tips for Exploring Seoul’s Royal Palaces!

    Among Seoul’s numerous attractions, the sites that continually draw in tourists are none other than the four palaces of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace and Deoksugung Palace, as well as Jongmyo Shrine.

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    • Date10/12/2016
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    Kondae, a hot place filled with youthful exuberance

    Seoul has a great number of downtown areas across the city. In particular, university streets or so called ‘towns’ designed near the schools are full of liveness and energy, owing to the vast number of young people crowding.

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    • Date10/10/2016
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    Autumn trip to Chuncheon!

    Chuncheon, well-known as a lakeside city, is a romantic travel spot. To reach the city from Seoul, get aboard the ITX-Cheongchun Train at Cheongnyangni Station in Seoul.

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    • Date10/06/2016
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    The Mountain

    In Korea, those looking for a picturesque mountain adventure are often faced with a choice between rubbing shoulders with a few hundred brightly dressed hiking enthusiasts, or venturing off the beaten path and exploring distant peaks that are usually only accessible by car.

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    • Date10/03/2016
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    Recommended Autumn Destinations - Mountain Fall Foliage Sites

    Cool temperatures and colors change from the vibrant greens of summer to a rich palette of red, orange and yellow, signaling the arrival of autumn.

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    • Date09/30/2016
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    Mega Shopping Malls in the Metropolitan Area

    Located in various suburbs of Seoul, mega shopping malls are reinventing themselves through continued innovation to keep pace with the ever-changing tastes of domestic and foreign consumers.

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    • Date09/28/2016
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    A Discovery in Every Alley

    Just after lunch, young artists begin to arrive at Yeonnam-dong’s Dongjin Market to set up stalls for their crafts.

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    • Date09/27/2016
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    Beginners' Guide to: Dongdaemun

    A top attraction that is constantly crowded with international visitors, Dongdaemun! Tourists to this area typically only spend an hour or two here, but there are so many things to do or see here that you may even spend an entire day exploring.

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    • Date09/26/2016
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    Hidden Gems, Seoul's Traditional Markets!

    A great attraction for international tourists to visit when in Korea is the nation's many markets.

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    • Date09/21/2016
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