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    Luxurious Winter at Korea’s Spas & Hot Springs

    Spas and hot springs are popular attractions during winter in Korea as visitors can soak in soothing, warm water. Pick one of the top recommended hotel spa facilities and water parks to enjoy a warm winter!

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    • Date12/09/2019
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    Spend an Exciting Winter at Korea’s Ski Resorts

    One of the best things about winter’s arrival is the chance to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Ski resorts in Korea offer slopes for a variety of skill levels, from absolute beginners to experts.

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    • Date12/05/2019
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    Guide to Winter Festivals (December-February)

    Winter in Korea means plenty of festive gatherings, from Christmas to New Year’s Eve parties. As December comes to an end and the year draws to a close, people gather at sunrise festival locations across Korea to welcome in the first sunrise of the New Year.

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    • Date12/02/2019
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    Cleanse Your Mind and Soul at Beopjusa Templestay!

    A world of peace and harmony opens up as you pass through Iljumun Gate, Single Pillar Gate, with a large sign written in traditional Chinese characters, Hoseojeilgaram, which translates to “Buddhist temple in Chungcheongbuk-do.” Similar to many temples in Korea, you must cross a bridge above a small stream to get to the main gate of Beopj...

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    • Date11/28/2019
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    Step-by-step Guide to Ski Resorts!

    Ski resorts can be found throughout Korea, the host country of PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

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    • Date11/25/2019
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    Romantic Evening Out at Lighting Festivals around Seoul

    In winter, when the days become shorter than the nights, a diversity of lighting festivals begins not only in Seoul but also near the metropolitan area.

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    • Date11/21/2019
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    Green Retreats to Survive Winter

    Early in November, cold winds begin to blow and people start to bundle up when heading out. By the end of the month, winter has fully arrived. The cold can leave you sluggish and feeling like every step is a Herculean feat.

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    • Date11/18/2019
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    Subway Ride to Gyeonggi-do’s Top 4 Attractions

    Gyeonggi-do offers various attractions that can easily be reached from Seoul by using the subway, providing visitors an affordable transportation option.

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    • Date11/14/2019
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    Subway Ride to Incheon’s Top 5 Attractions

    Even though traveling on the Incheon Subway Line can be limited, it offers plenty of attractions to visit.

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    • Date11/11/2019
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    Similar but Different: Gapyeong vs. Damyang

    When traveling in Korea, you might find different locations with similar attractions, causing a déjà vu.

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    • Date11/07/2019
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