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2014 Best Springtime Destinations

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2014 Best Springtime Destinations

In April, the country is covered in white cherry blossom petals, mountains are ablaze with yellow forsythias, and villages are blooming with sansuyu (dogwood). Here is a list of the best places across the nation to visit in the spring and enjoy the beautiful, colorful spring blossoms!

Spring Flower Sites in the Seoul Area

Yeouido's Yunjung-ro Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Yunjung-ro Path, located behind the National Assembly Building in Yeouido, Seoul, is one of the most popular destinations for viewing cherry blossoms. As cherry blossoms begin to peak in early to mid-April, the 5.7 kilometer path lined with 1,400 cherry blossom trees transforms into a snow-white tunnel, just in time for the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. Some streets may be blocked off during the festival period, allowing visitors the opportunity to fully enjoy the cherry blossoms.

☞ Transportation:
1. National Assembly Station (Seoul Subway Line 9), Exit 1.
2. Yeouinaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 1.
3. Yeouido Station (Seoul Subway Line 5 or 9), Exit 2.
☞ Go to Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

Namsan Mountain's Cherry Blossoms and Forsythias

The Namsan Circular Road, which connects Namsan Library to Namsan Octagonal Pavilion and the National Theater of Korea in Jangchung-dong, is a beautiful scenic route lined with forsythias, azaleas, and cherry blossoms. Although it stands at 262 meters above sea level, Namsan Mountain is a fairly easy walk.

The walk from Namsan Library at the base to Palgakjeong Pavilion at the top of the mountain takes about 40 minutes. Alternatives to walking include taking the Namsan Cable Car and the Namsan Shuttle Bus to the top, both of which offer fantastic views of Seoul.

☞ Transportation:
1. Shuttle Bus
- Chungmuro Station (Seoul Subway Line 3 or 4), Exit 2  Take Namsan Shuttle Bus (Yellow) 02 or 05 in front of Daehan Cinema (대한극장).
- Dongguk University Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2  Take Namsan Shuttle Bus No. 02 or 05 (Schedule: 08:00-24:00, 5-8 min intervals / Fare: 950 won)
2. Cable Car
- Myeongdong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 3  Walk 10 min. towards the Embassy of China.
(Hours: 10:00-23:00 / Fare: Adults (age 14 - 64) 8,000 won (round-trip), 6,000 won (one-way); Children (ages 2-14) & Senior (65 and more) 5,000 won (round-trip), 3,500 won (one-way))
☞ Go to Namsan Park
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Kyunghee University's Cherry Blossom Road

With its charming old buildings and beautiful campus, Kyunghee University is both a prestigious educational institution and a popular tourist attraction. In the spring, some 200 cherry trees are in full bloom, lining the road from the front gate to the main building, creating a perfect atmosphere for family picnics or romantic dates. Other cherry blossom sites include the paths connecting the main fountain and the College of Law building, as well as the stretch from the College of Hotel Management to the Art College building.

☞ Transportation:
Hoegi Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 1. Walk straight, take a right on the second big street (after about 400m) and then continue straight to Kyunghee University (about 20 min on foot, 800m).

Changgyeonggung Palace Cherry Blossoms

Changgyeonggung Palace, one of the major royal palaces in Seoul, is a prime spot for cherry blossoms. The palace is a gorgeous setting for the cherry blossoms as they bloom among ancient architecture in the heart of Seoul. From time to time, visitors can spot a fantastic shower of cherry blossom petals raining over the Okcheongyo Bridge.  A diverse array of flowers, including maehwa (apricot flowers), sansuyu (cornus fruit) flowers, and royal azaleas, are also in full bloom in April.

☞ Transportation:
Hyehwa Station (Subway Line 4), Exit 4. Go straight, cross the intersection, turn left, and continue for 300m to arrive at Changgyeonggung Palace.
☞ Go to Changgyeonggung Palace
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Spring Flower Tour at Ilsan Lake Park

Ilsan Lake Park, also known as the "Flower Park," is home to a large number of flowering shrubs and trees, including 1,800 cherry trees. The majority of the cherry trees are near the island in the middle of the park. After the sun sets, the lights strung around the trees create a romantic atmosphere at night as the cherry blossom lights reflect on the lake.  Other popular attractions near the park include cultural events at Aram Nuri Arts Center and shopping at the Western Dome.

☞ Transportation:
Jeongbalsan Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 2. Ilsan Lake Park is located approximately 500m from the station.
☞ Go to Ilsan Lake Park

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