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Team Korea House of PyeongChang 2018

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  • Date02/28/2018
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Team Korea House within Gangneung Olympic Park

The Korea Tourism Promotion Hall is operating on the first floor of Team Korea House, also simply referred to as Korea House, within Gangneung Olympic Park during the Winter Olympic Games & Paralympics 2018 PyeongChang periods. Visitors can enjoy the center’s many informative and interactive experiences from 10:00 to 22:00, February 8-25 and March 9-18. In addition, the hall features various special performances and events each week, allowing all visitors to learn more about Korea’s traditional and modern culture, all in one location.

Korea Tourism Promotion Zone

Korea Tour Information desk

The Korea Tourism Promotion zone introduces all of Korea through state-of-the-art technology. Discover Korea’s tourism, traditions, hallyu culture, and modern living.

Korean Culture Promotion Zone

The Korea Tourism Photo Gallery is extremely popular. This digital library introduces Korea’s traditional culture and tourist attractions through both photos and video clips. Visitors can take a photo wearing hanbok via AR. The K-pop dance experience also employs AR technology to allow people to learn the dance moves to popular k-pop songs. For those more interested in tourist attractions, the Korea Tourism 360° experience provides panoramic views of major attractions throughout the nation.

Diverse Experience Programs

Various programs within Korea Promotion Hall

Popular programs include the Folk Painting experience, coloring in a folk design on a tote bag; and the smart health screening available in the Medical Korea booth. Other programs available include calligraphy, making a bokjumeoni (lucky bag), and experiencing tea therapy.

Themed Performance Zone

Team Korea House performances

The Korea House prepares energetic performances each week in a number of themes and styles. These acts, both traditional and modern, will make any trip to Gangneung Olympic Park more exciting. Be sure to stop in for the mix of k-pop, traditional music, b-boy dance troupes and fusion bands.

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