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Seoul Christmas Cake Road

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  • Date12/20/2017
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Christmas cake from Grand InterContinental (Credit: Grand InterContinetal)

Even before December hits, the excitement and anticipation for the arrival of Christmas is huge. There are many reasons people look forward to the holiday; in Korea, most people are quick to make reservations for Christmas cakes! Pleasing to the eyes and palate, Christmas cakes in Korea are exquisitely designed and decorated. To enjoy a Korean Christmas, don’t forget to purchase your very own Christmas cake from any of the locations along the Seoul Christmas Cake Road!

Luxury Cakes From Seoul’s Luxury Hotels

Sweet Christmas trees at The Shilla’s Pastry Boutique

The Enchanted Forest (top), White Holiday & dacquoise (bottom) (Credit (all): The Shilla)

Pastry Boutique, the bakery at The Shilla, prepares two outstanding cakes in the form of Enchanted Forest and White Holiday. Enchanted Forest is a snow-white cake topped with mini-cakes of chestnut and chocolate cream in the shape of trees, creating a sweet forest you’ll be anxious to delve into. In comparison, the entirety of White Holiday is shaped like a Christmas tree with snowy boughs. One look and you’ll see why this cake is extremely popular year after year. Outside of the special Christmas cakes, Pastry Boutique is also famous for their dacquoise, a French dessert. Be sure to pick up one or two when you visit!

  • ☞ Address: 249, Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • ☞ Operating hours: 07:00-22:00
  • ☞ Signature cakes: The Enchanted Forest 72,000 won / White Holiday 77,000 won / Premium Dacquoise 3,500 won each
    ※ The Enchanted Forest available until December 31, 2017
    ※ Reservation required three days in advance
  • ☞ Inquiries
    - Hotel main line: +82-2-2233-3131 (Korean, English)
    - Pastry Boutique: +82-2-2230-3377 (Korean, English)
    ※ Availability of foreign language assistance will vary by staff work schedule.
  • ☞ Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Cakes for happy singles at Grand Deli & Café Confections by Four Seasons

Ornament Cake (top), YOLO cakes & Charlotte Aux Fraises (bottom) (Credit: Four Seasons Hotel (top), Grand InterContinental (bottom))

These days many people are making the choice to stay single, focusing on their own happiness. This Christmas, celebrate you by purchasing a single-serving cake! Café Confections by Four Seasons has come out with adorable Christmas ornament cakes. The colorful orbs are made of seasonal fruit fillings covered in a white chocolate shell and set atop a chocolate hazelnut cookie. Grand InterContinental has also joined in the singles’ style with their YOLO cakes. The cake comes in three flavors to choose from, including Apple & Chamomile Log Cake, a cheese mousse cake with green apple puree and chamomile tea; Golden Cappuccino Log Cake, a coffee scented mascarpone cheese mousse; and Rumba, a French-style chocolate mousse cake. Charlotte aux fraises, a strawberry and whipped cream cake, is also quite popular, and can be purchased as a set along with a bottle of French champagne.

  • <Four Seasons Hotel – Café Confections by Four Seasons>
  • ☞ Address: 97, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • ☞ Operating hours: 08:00-20:00
  • ☞ Signature cakes: Single Ornament Cake 8,500 won / Santa Claus Cake 79,000 won
    ※ Christmas cakes available until December 31, 2017
    ※ Reservation required two days in advance
  • ☞ Inquiries
    - Hotel main line: +82-2-6388-5000 (Korean, English)
    - Café Confections by Four Seasons: +82-2-6388-5520 (Korean, English)
    ※ Availability of foreign language assistance will vary by staff work schedule.
  • ☞ Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
  • <Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas – Grand Deli>
  • ☞ Address: 521, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • ☞ Operating hours: Monday-Friday 08:00-21:00 / Saturday-Sunday 10:00-21:00
  • ☞ Signature cakes: Single YOLO Christmas Cake 38,000 won~ / Charlotte Aux Fraises 55,000 won~ (Inquire for pricing details)
    ※ Christmas cakes available until December 31, 2017
    ※ Same-day purchase available; reservation two days in advance recommended
  • ☞ Inquiries
    - Hotel main line: +82-2-555-5656 (Korean, English)
    - Grand Deli: +82-2-559-7653~4 (Korean, English)
    ※ Availability of foreign language assistance will vary by staff work schedule.
  • ☞ Website: (Korean, English)

Famous Japanese bakery in Korea! Mont St. Clair at Banyan Tree Club & Spa

C’est la vie (top), Chocolat Bergamot & whipped cream Christmas cake (bottom) (Credit (all): Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul)

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul’s brand-name bakery Mont St. Clair will help make your Christmas sweeter. The bakery is the brainchild of world famous pastry chef, Hironobu Tsujiguchi. The first Korean branch opened in 2014 at Banyan Tree and then spread to the Main Branch, COEX Branch, and Pangyo Branch of Hyundai Department Store. A stand-alone shop in Itaewon was recently renewed and has been the center of attention for dessert lovers. This year’s special Christmas cake is the Chocolat Bergamot, a chocolate mousse based cake with the sweet taste of milk tea crème brulee. Mont St. Clair’s signature items, C’est la vie and whipped cream cake, have also been decorated for Christmas.

  • ☞ Address: 60, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • ☞ Operating hours: 07:00-21:00
  • ☞ Signature cakes: C’est la vie 48,000 won / Chocolat Bergamot 48,000 won / Whipped Cream Christmas Cake 48,000 won
    ※ Same-day purchase available; reservation two days in advance recommended
    ※ Chocolat Bergamot available until December 25, 2017
  • ☞ Inquiries
    - Hotel main line: +82-2-2250-8115~6 (Korean, English, Japanese)
    - Mont St. Clair: +82-2-2250-8171 (Korean, English)
    ※ Availability of foreign language assistance will vary by staff work schedule.
  • ☞ Website: (Korean, English)

Hot Cafés with Hit Cakes!

The sweetest colored cakes, Dore Dore

Dore Dore Sinsa Branch (Credit: Dore Dore)

Dore Dore is a famous dessert shop well known for their unique designs and colorful visuals. The shop also gives each cake a name as special as their image, such as the Thank You Cake, Good Mood Cake, and Precious Cake. There are a number of branches throughout Seoul, making it easy to find. If you’re on a café tour through the city, be sure to put Dore Dore in your itinerary!

Fantastically cute! Dore Dore Christmas cakes

Twinkle Twinkle Cake (top), Yule Log & Funny Cake (bottom) (Credit (all): Dore Dore)

This year, Dore Dore has prepared three Christmas cakes in their classic cute style. Twinkle Twinkle Cake is a strawberry shortcake made with fresh whipped cream made from 100% milk. The mouthwatering blend of sweet strawberries and smooth cream has been a favorite for years. Dore Dore Yule Log is based off the classic French Christmas dessert, offering a deep, rich chocolaty taste. Lastly, Funny Cake is a miniature version of the bakery’s beloved rainbow cake, Good Mood Cake. The layers are spaced with various jams and sauces, including raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, citron, and ganache. Each shop also has a selection of additional cakes that are sure to draw the eye!

Cake of Gyeongnidan-gil Road, Frank’s

Frank’s exterior (Credit: Frank’s)

Gyeongnidan-gil Road, a sloped street in Itaewon, is lined with sweet cafés from the bottom to the top. Located at the peak is Frank’s, a hidden dessert shop! Frank’s is famous for recreating cakes that have appeared in movies and books. As fantastic as the cakes are to look at, cakes are meant to be eaten and those at Frank’s do not disappoint. With a camera in one hand and a fork in the other, feast on these delectable cakes.

Cake straight from the movies

Signature Mendl’s Cake (top) & special Christmas cakes (bottom) (Credit (all): Frank’s)

Frank’s signature cake is a recreation of Mendl’s Cake from the Wes Anderson film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Frank’s takes note of each detail, even going as far as matching the cake packaging. Each layer of this three-tier creampuff cake has a different choux cream filling among chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Only ten of these fantastic towers are made each day, making it extremely special. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones able to get Mendl’s Cake, Frank’s also has special Christmas cakes. Choose from the Strawberry Attack nestled in a red basket, the strong sweet chocolate sheet cake of Frank’s Winterland, or the beautifully gradated Merry Square Layered.

  • <Dore Dore>
  • ☞ Address: 40, Dosan-daero 15-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • ☞ Operating hours: 10:00-23:00
  • ☞ Signature cakes: Twinkle Twinkle Cake No. 1 48,000 won / Yule Log 47,500~60,000 won / Mini Funny Cake 29,000 won
    ※ Reservation one day in advance required for whole cake; slices of cake available when visiting
    ※ Christmas cakes available until December 31, 2017 (subject to change)
  • ☞ Inquiries (Sinsa Branch): +82-2-540-4553 (Korean only)
  • ☞ Website: (Korean only)
  • ☞ Instagram:
  • ☞ Facebook:
  • <Frank’s>
  • ☞ Address: 41, Sowon-ro 44-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • ☞ Operating hours: 12:00-22:00
  • ☞ Signature cakes: Mendl’s Cake 16,000 won / Strawberry Attack 48,000 won / Frank’s Winterland 35,000 won / Merry Square Layered 35,000 won
    ※ Reservation two days in advance required for whole cake; only 10 Mendl’s Cakes sold per day
    ※ Christmas cakes available until December 25, 2017 (subject to change)
  • ☞ Inquiries: +82-70-8156-5459 (Korean only)
  • ☞ Facebook:

Stollen, the Classic German Christmas Bread

Fritz Coffee Company’s signature, Stollen!

Fritz Coffee’s Stollen boxes

Fritz Coffee is famous among coffee-lovers in Seoul. The café serves high-quality coffee and freshly baked breads, drawing in crowds. Fritz Coffee is involved in every step of the coffee-making process, from purchasing fresh beans to roasting, grinding, and brewing. Upon the arrival of Christmas season, the sweet scent of Stollen blends in with the usual coffee aroma at Fritz.

Stollen, perfectly gift-packaged tin and all

Stollen package with latte (top), cross-cut of Stollen & Fritz interior (bottom)

Fritz’s Stollen is perfect for a gift, coming prepared in its very own tin printed with the Fritz seal mascot. The tin serves to keep the bread fresh, as Stollen is meant to be eaten in slices over a long period of days. Fritz’s Stollen gives off a buttery scent and a piece of marzipan is hidden at the center. The sweet, strong taste goes great with a coffee, warm mulled wine or hot toddy.

Stollen from expert European-style bakery, May Bell Bakery

Entrance of May Bell Bakery

The organic European-style breads at May Bell Bakery have become well known across the nation. They are so popular that people will travel great distances for them, and items often sell out before noon. Choose from the extensive menu, including baguettes, buns, focaccia, whole-wheat bread, and French sourdough loafs. If you’re not sure what to get, we recommend breads with dried fruit, as they add a bit of sweetness to the strong bread flavor.

Simple unassuming charm of Stollen

May Bell Bakery’s Stollen

Stollen from May Bell Bakery seems rather simple, but the dried fruits that go into the bread are aged in rum for over one year, making this Stollen actually quite precious. Some people will even make a reservation for a loaf of Stollen a year in advance! After trying a slice of May Bell Bakery’s Stollen, you’ll understand why it’s so popular. The thick bread is full of various dried fruits for a new taste with each bite. With plain packaging to match the unassuming Stollen, the size is just right for a small family gathering or group of friends.

  • <Fritz Coffee – Dohwa Branch>
  • ☞ Address: 17, Saechang-ro 2-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • ☞ Operating hours: Weekdays 08:00-23:00 / Weekends 10:00-23:00
  • ☞ Signature menus: Stollen 39,000 won / Americano 4,200 won / Caffé latte 4,600 won / Cold brew 4,500 won
  • ☞ Inquiries: +82-2-3275-2045 (Korean, English)
    ※ Availability of foreign language assistance will vary by staff work schedule
  • ☞ Website: (Korean only)
  • ☞ Instagram:
  • ☞ Facebook:
    ※ Stollen is a seasonal menu; available while supplies last
  • <May Bell Bakery – Danpungnamu Branch>
  • ☞ Address: 24, Itaewon-ro 49-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • ☞ Operating hours: 11:00-18:00
  • ☞ Signature menus: Stollen 25,000 won / Cranberry baguette 3,000 won / Fig whole wheat bread 25,000 won / Chestnut bread 6,000 won
  • ☞ Inquiries: +82-2-749-9481 (Korean only)
    ※ Stollen is a seasonal menu; available while supplies last

* This column was last updated in December 2017, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details from the official websites before visiting.