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Incheon Songdo International City, a City Embracing the Future

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Photo: Songdo’s Northeast Asia Trade Tower

Songdo embodies the future of Incheon. Built on reclaimed land, Songdo offers a number of attractions. A trip to Songdo can start at Central Park, a natural oasis in the city. Because of its proximity to the sea, the manmade waterway is filled with sea water, and water taxis travel through the park. Close by are a lawn and a promenade along a field of reeds. Nearby, there are many futuristic-looking buildings, creating a harmonious combination of technology and the natural environment.

Points Of Interest recommendations Songdo map(Compact Smart City, Tri-bowl,Techno Park Get Pearl Tower, Michuhol Park, Songdo Convensia, NC Cube Canal Walk, Incheon Bridge Observatory, Sunrise Park, Songdo Miraegil)

Compact Smart City

Photo: Compact Smart City exterior

Compact Smart City is an exhibition center that explores the past, present, and future of Incheon. In the Ancient and Modern History exhibition hall, visitors can learn about Incheon’s ancient beginnings as the town of Michuhol, the Jemulpo Port, the Suinseon railway, and narrow gauge railway in modern history. At the 5D theater, visitors can travel through time from ancient Incheon to the future with a movie containing state-of-the-art effects like wind and water jets. The second floor features a large hall with a miniature model of Incheon. Next to the Compact Smart City is the Incheon Tourist Information Center, where visitors can get information on travel in Songdo and Incheon.


Photo: Unique architecture of Tri-bowl

Tri-bowl was built in 2009 to commemorate the Global Fair & Festival Incheon, Korea. The name is a combination of the words triple and bowl. The bowl symbolizes Incheon and the three items represented are the sky (airport), sea (port), and land (wide-area transportation network), as well as the districts of Songdo, Chengna, and Yeongjong, which together form the Incheon Free Economic Zone. The building features a multicultural space with an event hall, multi-purpose hall, and a digital library.

Techno Park Get Pearl Tower 

Photo: Get Pearl Tower

Get Pearl Tower can be reached in just five minutes by car from Central Park and is only three bus stops away from Central Park Station on Incheon Subway Line 1. Get Pearl Tower is a landmark building of Techno Park overlooking Songdo. The restaurant Noul on the twentieth floor gives a splendid view of Songdo International City and Incheon Bridge.

Michuhol Park

Photo: Michuhol Park landscape

Named after the ancient name of Incheon, Michuhol Park creates an ambiance where the futuristic Songdo International City meets with old traditions. Inside the park, the traditionally-constructed Daryewon building serves as a place for learning traditional ceremonial rituals and how to cook dishes used for ancestral rites. Various hands-on programs are offered year round. In front of the Get Pearl Culture Center inside the park, there are traditional swings for visitors to enjoy.

Songdo Convensia

Photo: Entrance to Songdo Convensia

Opened in 2008, Songdo Convensia is 15 minutes away by car from Incheon International Airport and is the closest convention center to an international airport in Korea. Domestic and international meetings, exhibitions, events, and performances are held year round. The hall can accommodate up to 450 booths and 2,000 people. Songdo Convensia is the first environment-friendly convention center in Asia. It is LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), an environment-friendly architecture certification system.

NC Cube Canal Walk

Photo: Air view of NC Cube Canal Walk

The NC Cube Canal Walk is a European-style shopping arcade with a length of 740 meters. The space features outstanding architectural aesthetics as well as dynamic cultural elements. The architecture invokes the four seasons, and the canal running through the building is quite impressive.

Incheon Bridge Observatory

Photo: Sunset at Incheon Bridge Observatory

Incheon Bridge Observatory offers excellent views of Incheon, with the view of the sunset over the western coast being exceptionally beautiful. At 21.38 kilometers long, Incheon Bridge is the longest bridge in Korea. It serves as a gateway between Songdo International City and Incheon International Airport.

Sunrise Park

Photo: Sunrise Park view

Sunrise Park was built to highlight the opening of the port of Incheon and the beginning of the city’s modernization. From Songdo Hill, one can get a bird’s-eye-view of the park. The park is part of a pleasant and systematic green network connected with other existing green areas of the city. The park has wind power generators as well as an ecological pond using recycled wastewater and serving as a habitat for various flora and fauna.

Songdo Miraegil

Photo: Songdo Miraegil

Songdo Miraegil, meaning future road, is 7 kilometers long. The road connects the major tourist attractions of Songdo, allowing visitors to explore the city on foot. The course takes 3 hours and traverses the lakeside of Central Park. The walk passes by Tomorrow City, Compact Smart City, Tri-bowl, Incheon Bridge Observatory, NC Cube Canal Walk, Central Park, and Songdo Convensia.

Photos courtesy of Incheon Tourism Organization

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