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Romance in Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, a Spring Cherry Blossom Trip

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Cherry blossom road at Gyeonghwa Statio

Photo: Cherry blossom road at Gyeonghwa Station (Photo courtesy of Changwon Office)

Every year around early April, visitors flock to Jinhae in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do to enjoy the spectacular cherry blossoms that blanket the whole town at Korea's largest cherry blossom festival, Jinhae Gunhangje Festival.

The festival was first held on April 13, 1952 as a small ceremony commemorating Admiral Yi Sun-shin, a Korean naval hero who played an important role in defeating the Japanese army during the Imjin War (1592-1598). Today, it has become one of the largest festivals in the country, with approximately 2 million visitors annually. The endless canopy of cherry blossoms over the entire city makes a dazzling sight that awes everyone.

When the flower petals fall and dance along the gentle spring breeze, the atmosphere gets magical to stroll under these full-bloom trees. Crowds who prefer a more romantic view may opt to go during the night time, as the streets will be lit up on the both sides along the trees. In particular, the Yeojwacheon Stream and the cherry blossoms lining Gyeonghwa Station earned its title for must-go destinations among groups of love birds, family and friends alike. These two sites are the most popular cherry blossom attractions in Jinhae, but the entire city is magnificently covered with cherry blossoms, offering great photo opportunities on every other street. If you plan to travel to Korea in the spring, make sure to visit Jinhae to enjoy the wonderful cherry blossoms!

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Famous Cherry Blossom Sites

Jangboksan Sculpture Park

left)The cherry blossoms galore in the park inside, right)The lion statue stands at front of an arch bridge

When traveling from Masan to Jinhae, the Jangboksan Sculpture Park is the first cherry blossom site that visitors will come across. The park has nearly 10,000 cherry trees that run along the hiking trails and amidst the pine trees. At the summit of the park, one can view downtown Jinhae and Jinhaeman Bay on the southern coast. Pack a lunch and you can picnic underneath these beautiful cherry blossoms in this park!

Jinhae NFRDI Environment Eco-Park

left)Full-blown cherry blossoms on the lake, right)Pink blossoms have yet to burst into a tree branch

Located at the source of the Yeojwacheon Stream, the Jinhae Inland Water Environmental Eco Park houses many cherry blossoms near its pristine reservoir. The wetland is home to about 65 species of trees and a variety of wildlife, making it a good place for visitors to learn about nature in a relaxing environment.

Yeojwacheon Stream Cherry Blossom Road

Yeojwacheon full of cherry blossoms Avenue many people to watch.

The path spans about 1.5 kilometers from downtown Jinhae to the Jinhae Girls' High School. Both sides of Yeojwacheon Stream are lined with cherry blossom trees that create a natural canopy over the stream. The walking paths above and next to the stream are some of the most beautiful places to view the cherry blossoms in Jinhae. Visitors can take romantic pictures against the backdrop of cherry flowers on beautiful arched bridges while enjoying delicious street food. In the evening, the area is decorated with ornamental lights, creating a romantic ambience.

 Korea Naval Academy Museum

left)Standing naval vessels, hordes of tourists to get on the line, right)The naval vessels built at the beach each country's flag

The Korea Naval Academy is usually only accessible to visitors through its tour program, but during the Gunhangje Festival, the academy is open to the public and welcomes visitors with beautiful cherry blossoms. Walk along the cherry blossom trees from the Admiral Yi Sun-shin statue at the Bukwon Rotary to arrive at the academy where there is a full-scale model of an ironclad turtle ship built and used by Admiral Yi Sun-shin during the Imjin War. The academy also has a museum dedicated to the Korean Navy and documents related to Admiral Yi. Make sure to check the academy's opening hours before visiting.

  • ☞ Operating hours: Weekdays & Holidays 09:30-16:30 (Admission available only during the Gunhangje festival period.)

Jehwangsan Park

left)Full-blown cherry blossom Gongwonsanchaek-gil, right)Exterior view jinhaetap

The park is located in the center of Jinhae at the Jehwangsan Mountain. Even though visitors must climb 365 steps in order to get a panoramic view of downtown Jinhae blanketed with cherry blossoms, the beauty of the forsythia and cherry blossom on the hike up makes it enjoyable as well. For those that do not wish to break a sweat, there is also a monorail car that brings visitors up to the summit.

Anmin Hill

left)Anmin Hill promenade, right)Anmin Hill one marina, passing by riding a bike

Anmin Hill is the gateway to Jinhae from Changwon. The road up the hill features a 6 kilometer stretch of beautiful cherry blossoms on both sides. Near the hill top are azalea fields in full bloom, combining with the cherry blossoms for a beautiful scene. The area is usually free of traffic, and it is an excellent place to take a walk under the shades of the cherry blossom trees. The top of Anmin Hill at night offers splendid views of Jinhae City where street lights illuminate the cherry blossom trees.

Gyeonghwa Station

left)Full-blown cherry blossom tourists, looking around to the rail yard, right)The train was standing ready to ride the train station, train people entered

As trains pass Gyeonghwa Station, the cherry blossom trees are swept by the wind, showering the ground with leaves. In between trains, visitors can walk on the tracks and stand beneath the falling petals. This 800 meter-long stretch of railway at Gyeonghwa Station is considered one of the best cherry blossom attractions of Jinhae. The area is often featured in Korean movies and TV shows. During the festival period, couples can be seen taking their wedding pictures here. To avoid crowds, try to visit the station in the morning.

2016 Jinhae Gunghangje Festival's Special Events

1) Opening Celebration

There will be a grand opening event by the navy military band and choir performances.

  • ☞ Date and Time: March 31, 2016 / 18:00–21:00
  • ☞ Venue: Special Stage at the Jungwon Rotary

2) Fireworks Show

A fantastic fireworks display will take place over the beautiful sea of Jinhae.

  • ☞ Date and Time: April 5, 2016 / 20:00–20:20
  • ☞ Venue: Jinhaeru Seaside

3) Street Parade

A parade held by General Yi Sun-shin and his troops after winning the Imjin war against Japan will be reenacted.

  • ☞ Date and Time: April 7, 2016 / 15:00–16:00
  • ☞ Venue: Docheon Elementary School → Bukwon Rotary → Jinhae Station →  Suhyup Samgeori (Three-way intersection of National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives) → Jungwon Rotary

4) The Yeojwacheon Stream Starlight Festival

The Yeojwacheon Stream will be decorated with ornamental lights, laser beams, and mirrors, offering a fantastic evening viewing experience.

  • ☞ Date and Time: March 31-Apri 10, 2016 / 18:00-23:00
  • ☞ Venue: Both sides of the roads of Yeojwacheon Stream & Romance Bridge

5) CherryBlossong Festival

A special collaboration ‘Cherry Blossom x Electronic Dance Music (EDM)’ event, featuring local and international renowned DJs.

  • ☞ Date and Time: April 2–3, 2016 / 13:00–22:00 (Separate fees applicable)
  • ☞ Venue: Jinhae Civic Stadium

※ Aforementioned schedule is subject to changes.

More info
  • Jinhae Gunghangje Festival
  • ☞ Date: April 1–10, 2016 (eve of the festival: March 31, 2016)
  • ☞ Venue: Jungwon Rotary and downtown area in Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • ☞ Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese)
  • ☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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