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    Romantic Evening Out at Lighting Festivals around Seoul

    In winter, when day become shorter than night, many lighting festivals open not only in Seoul but also in the surrounding area.

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    • Date11/30/2020
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    Special Activities Waiting for YOU in Korea

    People travel for a variety of reasons. Some look to simply release stress through a change of environment.

    • Date11/25/2020
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    Korea’s BEST 5 Fall Foliage Sites

    Cool temperatures and colors change from the vibrant greens of summer to a rich palette of red, orange and yellow, signaling the arrival of autumn.

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    • Date10/30/2020
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    Must-have Items Exclusive to Jeju Island

    From new twists on popular foods to merchandise featuring Jeju icons, you’ll want to buy these exclusive items!

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    • Date10/07/2020
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    Multifaceted Charms of Tongyeong

    Tongyeong is a well known tourist destination, with romantic coastal views of the sea and many islands. The harbor area is great for exploring the local culture, from mural villages to delicious foods. It’s also a great starting point for heading off on an adventure with ferries traveling to the various islands.

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    • Date09/28/2020
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    Traditional Korean Holiday of Bountiful Harvest, Chuseok

    Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea.

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    • Date09/25/2020
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    Hallyu Stars’ Favorite Restaurants Uncovered!

    For hallyu fans who want to feel connected with their favorite stars, we uncovered a few places frequented by popular k-pop stars.

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    • Date09/22/2020
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    Guide to Autumn Festivals (September-November)

    As September rolls around, temperatures start to drop and a collective sigh can be heard across the nation as people everywhere finally feel relief from the summer's suffocating heat.

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    • Date09/16/2020
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    Bucket List: Trendiest Spots in Jeju

    While international travel currently isn’t an option, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream, and what better place to dream of visiting than Jeju Island!

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    • Date09/14/2020
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    Sweet Treats for Baby and Me, Organic Cafés in Korea

    Being a parent means you have to make the hard choices, like saying no to ice cream for breakfast, even when you have a sweet tooth yourself! Thankfully, there are plenty of cafés in Seoul serving sweet yet healthy foods you can gladly say yes to.

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    • Date09/09/2020
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