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    Beginner’s Guide to: Incheon International Airport

    Korea's top airport is none other than Incheon International Airport. The airport consists of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with a transportation center, public area, and duty free area each, and Terminal 1 being connected to an additional concourse.

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    • Date04/20/2018
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    Top 10 Must-visit Restaurants in Hongdae

    Youthful exuberance and passion abound in Hongdae with its restaurants and cafés in the area matching that ambiance.

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    • Date04/16/2018
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    Seoul Outing in Hanbok

    With hanbok gaining attention worldwide, wearing hanbok is earning a reputation as a must-try activity to do in Korea.

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    • Date04/13/2018
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    Take a Tour of Seoul’s TOP HOT CAFÉS!

    With sweet desserts and enough caffeine to clear one’s head, cafés are a must! Many travelers make use of the comfortable ambiance and Wi-Fi found in cafés to enjoy a moment of rest in their busy schedule while fueling up on energy between meals.

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    • Date04/09/2018
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    Explore the World of Shopping at Starfield Hanam

    With a size of 70 soccer fields, Starfield Hanam was the talk of the town since its opening. The multi-complex mall continues to attract numbers of visitors even today.

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    • Date04/05/2018
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    A Must-see Landmark of Seoul, Namsan Seoul Tower

    From Big Ben to the Statue of Liberty to the Sydney Opera House, nations across the world are dotted with iconic architecture that have become synonymous with their city and Korea is no different.

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    • Date04/02/2018
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    Lose Yourself in the Dream-like World of Everland!

    Everland is Korea's representative theme park, offering up attractions galore along with a variety of animals, a mix of an amusement park and zoo.

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    • Date03/29/2018
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    Much Ado about Buam-dong

    Known among Koreans for its charming mix of modern culture and traditional buildings, Buam-dong has long been kept secret from tourists.

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    • Date03/26/2018
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    Meet Spring Year-round in Greenhouse Botanical Gardens

    There are places in Korea where you can enjoy the refreshing feeling of spring year-round. To escape the freezing temperatures and snow of winter, or the rain that may come throughout the year, immerse yourself in the ever-green light of Korea’s greenhouse botanical gardens.

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    • Date03/22/2018
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    Alleyway Tour of Yeonnam-dong, Seoul’s Hippest Neighborhood

    Yeonnam-dong has emerged as the latest hot place in Seoul, a city that is constantly changing and creating new trends. Originally a normal neighborhood just like any other, the area recently saw an influx of young artists and designers who have placed their creative mark on this area.

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    • Date03/19/2018
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