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    Exciting 2018-2019 Winter Festivals

    Winter in Korea means plenty of festive gatherings, from Christmas to New Year’s Eve parties. As December comes to an end and the year draws to a close, people gather at sunrise festival locations across Korea to welcome in the first sunrise of the New Year.

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    • Date11/19/2018
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    Enjoy Winter to the Fullest! Ice Skating and Sledding in Korea

    Winter is approaching, and with it comes snow and ice! Korea's winter offers plenty of activities and opportunities to indulge in winter fun, namely ice skating and sledding! Ice skating and sledding are the most affordable and easily accessible winter leisure activities loved by people of all ages.

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    • Date11/15/2018
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    Fall Foliage Destination,
    Naejangsan National Park

    It’s impossible to miss the arrival of fall, as the air becomes crisp and the trees change their leaves into bright, festive colors.

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    • Date11/12/2018
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    Romantic Evening Out at Lighting Festivals

    In winter, when the days become shorter than the nights, a diversity of lighting festivals begins not only in Seoul but also near the metropolitan area.

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    • Date11/08/2018
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    Every Moment was You, Filming Sites of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”

    “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” was the hit drama of the summer, holding strong viewership until its end in July. The romantic comedy follows the story of the narcissistic Lee Young-joon and his highly capable secretary Kim Mi-so. You, too, can follow their love story by visiting the key filming sites of the drama!

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    • Date11/05/2018
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    Mr. Sunshine, Ae-sin’s Time

    The background for the drama series, Mr. Sunshine, is based on the turmoil of early 20th century Hanseong (former name of Seoul).

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    • Date11/01/2018
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    Have a Blast with Indoor Activities, Rain or Shine!

    Travelers often encounter unanticipated events, especially in the form of adverse weather. Days of planning can go unrewarded due to sudden rain, snow, heat, cold, and even typhoons.

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    • Date10/29/2018
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    Fall Foliage Destinations around Seoul

    Every fall, sightseers flock to Korea's beautiful rural destinations to enjoy the fiery colors of autumn. For international tourists, however, traveling to other regions in the autumn season is sometimes a bit more difficult.

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    • Date10/25/2018
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    Travel to Tongyeong, the Napoli of Asia

    Tongyeong is a well known tourist destination, with romantic coastal views of the sea and many islands. The harbor area is great for exploring the local culture, from mural villages to delicious foods. It’s also a great starting point for heading off on an adventure with ferries traveling to the various islands.

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    • Date10/22/2018
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    Korea’s BEST 5 Fall Foliage Sites

    Cool temperatures and colors change from the vibrant greens of summer to a rich palette of red, orange and yellow, signaling the arrival of autumn.

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    • Date10/18/2018
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