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    Sangsang-gil, a Road of People, Culture and Art

    Sangsang-gil, or “Imaginary Road,” was popular even before its official opening due to its international campaign with the slogan “Engrave your name in Korea,” which gathered a total of 301,396 participants from 206 countries.

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    • Date07/24/2017
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    Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace

    One of the must-do’s in Seoul is none other than taking a visit to the city’s ancient palaces - Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gyeonghuigung Palace, Deoksugung Palace,Changgyeonggung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace and Huwon.

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    • Date07/17/2017
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    See, Rest, Play, Eat; Four ways to Enjoy Seoullo 7017

    The recent new attraction Seoul citizens are going crazy for is Seoullo 7017. Originally a road built in the area of Seoul Station in the 1970s, the space has been transformed into a pedestrian walking path, earning the romantic nickname “sky garden.”

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    • Date07/13/2017
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    10 Summer Beach Destinations

    If you’re planning on vacationing in Korea this summer, be sure to check out at least one of the following beach destinations!

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    • Date07/10/2017
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    Guidebook to Korea’s Summer Festivals (July-August)

    Summer is a time for fun vacations and outings with family and friends. Wherever one’s destination in Korea may be, check out some of these fascinating summer festivals to help you forget the scorching heat.

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    • Date07/06/2017
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    Korea’s International Summer Festival, Boryeong Mud Festival!

    Immerse yourself in nutrient-rich mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival, one of Korea's most popular summer festivals! The festival takes place on Korea's west coast at Daecheon Beach in Boryeong of Chungcheongnam-do

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    • Date07/03/2017
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    Find Peace and Entertainment at Paradise City!

    “A new city where past and present coexist, transcending reality and imagination,” Paradise City had its successful grand opening in April.

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    • Date06/28/2017
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    Get a Heavenly View from Lotte World Tower’s Seoul Sky

    Tourists walking around south of the Hangang River will easily notice a single building standing taller than the rest; this silver monolith is none other than Lotte World Tower.

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    • Date06/19/2017
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    Beautiful places to find peace near Seoul

    Tourists usually pick shopping as the most enjoyable part of trip to Korea, but a trip to Korea cannot be completed without visiting at least one of the many relaxing attractions to recoup your well spent energy.

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    • Date06/12/2017
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    Explore Ikseon-dong, a Hidden Treasure in the Bustling City!

    Ikseon-dong is gaining attention as a new attraction in Seoul. Despite being one of the oldest neighborhoods in the center of Seoul along with Jonggak, Myeong-dong, Dongdaemun, and Gwanghwa-mun, Ikseon-dong was not as well-known until now.

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    • Date06/07/2017
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