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    Fantastic Tour of Seoul Museums!

    Planning the perfect trip can be difficult when inclement weather can come at any time.

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    • Date12/01/2016
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    The Yeongnam Alps

    The city of Ulsan is skirted by a ridge of mountains offering pristine hiking and impressive views.

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    • Date11/28/2016
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    Heal your Body and Mind at Aquafield Jjimjil Spa

    Be prepared to be surprised at Starfield Hanam’s high-end spa and sauna facility, Aquafield Jjimjil Spa!

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    • Date11/25/2016
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    Enjoy Late Autumn in Pocheon

    A suburban city located a two-hour drive away from Seoul, Pocheon is a gift of nature. The natural landscape, made up of mountains and lakes, has remained untouched, allowing visitors to take in the scenic beauty.

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    • Date11/23/2016
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    Nurtured with the sun, sky and the wind – Suncheonman Bay

    Home to the biggest colony of reeds in Korea, Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserver is a perfect way to enjoy autumn by taking romantic strolls.

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    • Date11/21/2016
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    The Perfect Vacation Spot for Me

    Picking the right destination for vacation is never easy. It seems almost impossible to choose just one place when there are so many things you want to see and do; experience something traditional,

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    • Date11/19/2016
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    Explore the World of Shopping at Starfield Hanam

    Korea’s newest hot place is Starfield Hanam, recently opened September 9 of this year. Even before opening, Starfield Hanam was the talk of the town; with a size of 70 soccer fields, over 3 million people visited in its first month of operation.

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    • Date11/17/2016
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    Warm-up Winter with Tasty Korean Treats

    With the arrival of winter’s cold bite comes a variety of Korean winter snacks and foods.

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    • Date11/15/2016
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    Pedal your Way through Autumn Foliage on Rail Bikes!

    Looking to go on a unique tour while enjoying Korea’s autumn scenery? Going on a rail bike trip is the perfect way to satisfy your needs!

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    • Date11/10/2016
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    Finding Seoul’s Hidden Observatories

    When people think of observatories in Seoul, N Seoul Tower and 63 Square rise to the top more often than not.

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    • Date11/07/2016
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