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    Top 10 Must-visit Restaurants in Hongdae

    Youthful exuberance and passion abound in Hongdae with its restaurants and cafés in the area matching that ambiance.

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    • Date02/19/2018
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    Fall in Love at the TOP 6 Chocolate Dessert Cafés

    Chocolate products and trending chocolate cafés become a craze every February in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

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    • Date02/12/2018
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    One-day Trip to Pyeongchang on the Gyeonggang Line!

    The Gyeonggang Line, a high-speed railway operating between Incheon and Gangneung, passing through Seoul and Pyeongchang, opened in December of last year.

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    • Date02/07/2018
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    Delicious Late Night Excursion in Seoul

    Eating delicious food is always enjoyable, but staying out and eating late at night in Korea is a special experience that is sure to create memories that will last.

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    • Date02/05/2018
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    Celebrating Seollal in Korea: Glimpse of local New Year’s customs

    Seollal (Lunar New Year; first day of the lunar calendar) is one of the most celebrated national holidays in Korea.

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    • Date02/02/2018
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    TOP 10 Most Popular Korean Attractions of 2017

    With so many places to visit, planning a trip to Korea can be overwhelming. To help you decide where to go, Korea Tourism Organization has created a list of the top 10 most searched attractions in Korea as of 2017.

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    • Date01/08/2018
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    Outdoor Activities for Winter in Gangchon

    Pedal along the tracks of Gangchon Rail Park to enjoy the region’s beautiful scenery throughout the year. In particular, the railbike provides a way to enjoy fantastic winter scenes without having to trek through the cold, wet snow.

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    • Date01/02/2018
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    Start 2018 with Energy at Korea’s Sunrise Spots

    Many of us say hello and goodbye to each day as we watch the sun rise and set. Although it is a repeating cycle, the last sunset and the first sunrise of the year feel extra-special.

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    • Date12/28/2017
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    Beginner’s Guide to: Incheon International Airport

    Korea's top airport is none other than Incheon International Airport. With our helpful guide, you can enjoy your time at Incheon International Airport to the fullest!

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    • Date12/26/2017
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    Step-by-step Guide to Ski Resorts!

    Ski resorts throughout Korea are gearing up to host the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

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    • Date12/22/2017
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