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    A Discovery in Every Alley

    Just after lunch, young artists begin to arrive at Yeonnam-dong’s Dongjin Market to set up stalls for their crafts.

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    • Date09/27/2016
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    1-Day Beginners’ Guide to Dongdaemun

    A top attraction is constantly crowded with international visitors, Dongdaemun! Tourists to this area typically only spend an hour or two here, but there are so many things to do or see here that you may even spend an entire day exploring.

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    • Date09/26/2016
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    Seoul’s Top 5 Underground Shopping Malls

    Korea’s four distinctive seasons, with cold winds in winter or the sudden downpours during the rainy season in summer may cause varying levels of inconvenience in having a pleasant shopping experience in Korea.

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    • Date09/22/2016
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    Travel to “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” filming sites

    What would a love look like between a woman from the 21st century and a man from the early first century? If you’re curious, tune in to the recent historical TV Drama, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.”

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    • Date09/21/2016
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    Hanok Coffee Shops in Seoul

    At Bukchon Hanok Village and Insa-dong in downtown Seoul, there are a number of coffee shops and tea houses in renovated hanok (traditional Korean house).

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    • Date09/20/2016
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    Health Secret of Korea’s Bibimbap, Prepared to Perfection

    Bibimbap, a bowl of rice mixed with meat and assorted vegetables, is one of the all time favorite meals of the Korean people, regardless of age or generation.

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    • Date09/18/2016
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    2016 Autumn Festivals: September - November

    As September rolls around, temperatures start to drop and a collective sigh can be heard across the nation as people everywhere finally feel relief from the summer's suffocating heat. Autumn in Korea, with its mild temperatures and gentle breezes, is a perfect time to travel.

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    • Date09/13/2016
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    Celebrate Chuseok with Korean Food Making!

    As the Korean saying goes “Wish not for less or more; just be like Chuseok,” the Korean Thanksgiving Day is truly special day in Korea.

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    • Date09/12/2016
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    Beautiful Cities at Night - Gyeongju, Daegu, and Cheongdo

    Gyeongju is a great city to enjoy a romantic night tour. Wolseong Palace Site and Daereungwon Tomb Complex boast even smoother curves under the moonlight.

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    • Date09/09/2016
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    A must-see landmark of Seoul, N Seoul Tower

    Rising up from the summit of Namsan Mountain (262m) is a beloved city landmark that has come to represent the city itself: N Seoul Tower. Since the completion of construction in 1975, the tower has been a favorite attraction for both locals and international visitors.

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    • Date09/08/2016
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