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    A Guide to Jeju’s Refreshing Inland Region

    Often called “the Hawaii of Korea,” an image of sandy beaches and cerulean blue waters is naturally the first thing that comes to mind when picturing Jeju.

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    • Date08/21/2017
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    A Guide to Jeju’s Revitalizing Eastern Coast

    As a classic vacation destination of Korea, Jeju Island’s popularity continues to increase. Recently, many tourists have even begun enjoying extended vacations here.

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    • Date08/18/2017
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    Hangang, a Vacation Spot in the City!

    While Paris has the Seine River and London has the Thames, Seoul’s representative river is none other than the Hangang River.

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    • Date08/16/2017
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    Korea’s Refreshing Summer Delight - Bingsu!

    Bingsu (shaved ice with toppings) is a popular snack food found almost everywhere in Korea during the summer months.

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    • Date08/14/2017
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    Set off on an Eco Vacation to Damyang’s Bamboo Forest, Juknokwon

    During the summer vacation period, going anywhere can be a hassle with endless lines and crowds of people. One place to get away from the bustling city is by stepping into the refreshing nature found in Damyang.

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    • Date08/10/2017
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    Experience the Beauty of Hanbok

    While traveling throughout Korea, there are many ways to get a glimpse of the nation’s traditions and culture; trying the food or visiting ancient buildings to name a few, but nothing compares to trying on hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea.

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    • Date08/07/2017
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    Escape the Heat with Korea’s Refreshing Summer Foods

    Summer in Korea is in full force, bringing with it muggy weather and bouts of heavy rain. As temperatures rise, people try to escape the heat by heading to the beach, the swimming pool, or air-conditioned cafes and malls.

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    • Date08/03/2017
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    Keep Cool in Summer at Korea’s Popular Water Parks!

    One of the first things people think of when summer comes to mind is fun with water, whether it is at a river, lake, or beach. It’s not easy, however, to fully enjoy those activities within a city or an urban area.

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    • Date07/28/2017
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    Discover Korea’s Grandest Landscape, Namhae

    Officially called Namhaedo Island, Namhae in Gyeongsangnam-do is the fifth largest island in Korea. The sea around Namhae is dotted with 76 islands of all sizes, both populated and left to nature, earning the area the name of Dadohae, meaning “sea of islands” in Korean. The entire area was designated Hallyeohaesang National Park and boast...

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    • Date07/27/2017
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    Sangsang-gil, a Road of People, Culture, and Art

    Sangsang-gil, or “Imaginary Road,” was popular even before its official opening due to its international campaign with the slogan “Engrave your name in Korea,” which gathered a total of 301,396 participants from 206 countries.

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    • Date07/24/2017
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