Regular Performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe (난계국악단 상설공연)

  • Regular Performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe (난계국악단 상설공연)
  • Regular Performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe (난계국악단 상설공연)
  • Regular Performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe (난계국악단 상설공연)
  • Regular Performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe (난계국악단 상설공연)
  • Regular Performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe (난계국악단 상설공연)
01.12.2019 ~ 12.31.2019 Finished
33, Gugak-ro 1-gil, Simcheon-myeon, Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 영동군 심천면 국악로1길 33
Woori Sori Hall of Yeongdong Gugak Village
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Sponsors / Management
Yeongdong-gun / Yeongdong-gun
To commemorate the soul and spirit of Nangye Park Yeon, one of the three legendary gugak (traditional Korean music) musicians with Wang Sanak and Ureuk in Korea's ancient kingdoms, Yeongdong-gun, the hometown of Nangye, has organized regular performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Nangye Gukak Troupe, the first county-level public gugak performance team, was established in 1991 to inherit the spirit of Nangye. The troupe started its performance with the opening show of the National Gugak Orchestral Music Festival in 1994 and has met audiences about 100 times every year. Meanwhile, the Nangye Traditional Music Museum and the Nangye Traditional Music Instrument Experience Center were opened in 2000 and 2006 respectively, helping Yeongdong-gun be titled the Mecca of Traditional Korean Music. The regular performances given every Saturday in Yeongdong Gugak Village enhances the status of traditional Korean music and reminds us of its value and importance.
Regular performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe cherishing the spirit of Nangye are held every Saturday and the variety of performances crossing over Korean traditional and contemporary music and pop songs bring pleasure to the eyes and ears of the audience. The audience can also visit the Nangye Traditional Music Museum to learn about Nangye Park Yeon and gugak instruments and to participate in other programs to experience traditional Korean culture and music. Nangye Gugak Troupe has spread the beauty of Korean traditional music from 2007 when it started performances in foreign countries including Japan, China, Australia, and the U.S., and its performance has been regarded as one of Korea's representative gugak performances.
The regular performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe, which started in 2008 to commemorate the legendary musician born in Yeongdong, Nangye Park Yeon, are famous for their fantastic mixture of traditional and contemporary music. The harmony of each instrument played by the orchestra-resembling troupe leads the audience to be fully immersed into the show. Sometimes the troupe makes the performance more rich and exciting by performing with popular singers and opera singers. As the troupe is not limited to a certain genre but enjoys the music itself, anyone regardless of age and gender can enjoy the essence of traditional Korean music.
Yeongdong-gun Nangye Gugak Troupe
Performance Times
Saturdays, January-November / 15:00-15:40
Admission/Participation Fees
Duration of Performance
Approx. 40 min
Additional Events
[One-day Program]
- Playing gugak instruments, pounding on traditional drums, folk games, beating the world's biggest traditional drum, Cheongo, gugak costumes, and making gugak instruments

[Stay Program]
- Two-day or Three-day camps for experiencing the traditional Korean culture
Program Details
[Regular performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe]
- Various performances of Nangye Gugak Troupe: fusion-style play and traditional play (biweekly performance)
- Not only classical gugak including traditional folk songs and pansori epic chants but also fusion and original performances mixing gugak with contemporary songs and operas.
How to Particpate
Check the notice on the website of the Yeongdong Gukak Village and pamphlet distribution
Public Relations through media including TVs and newspapers
Age Limit
Visitors of all ages
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take a bus to Yeongdong.
- From Yeongdong Bus terminal, take a Nongeochon bus bound for Godong-ri and get off at Nangye Korean Classical Music Museum.
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