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  • Achasan Sunrise Festival (아차산 해맞이)

    Achasan Sunrise Festival (아차산 해맞이)...

    Achasan Mountain offers a great view of the sunrise in Seoul, preventing the need to travel all the way to the East Sea to enjoy this beautiful sight. Achasan Mountain is a popular spot to watch the s...

    • Period01-01-2020 ~ 01-01-2020
    • RegionSeoul
  • Geoje Codfish Festival (거제 대구수산물축제)

    Geoje Codfish Festival (거제 대구수산물축제)...

    The Geoje Codfish Festival presents a variety of performances and events. In particular, many visitors enjoy participating in the Codfish Direct Sales Marketplace, and the on-the-spot codfish auctions...

    • Period12-21-2019 ~ 12-22-2019
    • RegionGyeongsangnam-do
  • Haneul Park Sunrise Festival (하늘공원해맞이행사)

    Haneul Park Sunrise Festival (하늘공원해맞이행사)...

    The annual Haneul Park Sunrise Festival takes place at Haneul Park on January 1. Many people gather to the wish for a happy New Year while watching the first sunrise.

    • Period01-01-2020 ~ 01-01-2020
    • RegionSeoul
  • Ttangkkeut Sunset & Sunrise Festival (땅끝 해넘이해맞이축제)

    Ttangkkeut Sunset & Sunrise Festival (땅끝 해넘이해...

    Ttangkkeut Sunset & Sunrise Festival takes place annually December 31 - January 1 at Ttangkkuet Village in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do. The festival includes a sunset and sunrise ceremony. The festival i...

    • Period12-31-2019 ~ 01-01-2020
    • RegionJeollanam-do
  • Maryangpo Sunset & Sunrise Festival (마량포 해넘이 해돋이축제)

    Maryangpo Sunset & Sunrise Festival (마량포 해넘이 ...

    Maryang-ri on the western coast of Korea is a unique place where you can catch both the sunrise and sunset over the ocean. To celebrate this natural event, the Maryangpo Sunrise & Sunset Festival is h...

    • Period12-31-2019 ~ 01-01-2020
    • RegionChungcheongnam-do