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Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)

  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)
  • Seoul Rose Festival (서울장미축제)

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05.19.2017 ~ 05.21.2017 Finished
332, Jungnangcheon-ro, Jungnang-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중랑구 중랑천로 332
Areas of Jungnangcheon Stream Rose Tunnel, Junghwa Sports Park, Surim Public Park, Mokdongcheon Stream Rose Garden, areas of Jungnangcheon-ro Road, Rose Fountain Park
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-2094-1820
Sponsors / Management
Jungnang-gu /
The festival takes place every May in the area of Jungnang-gu where thousands of roses blossom to form a 5.15km-long rose tunnel.
Performances and activity programs will be prepared to entertain visitors along with a magnificent finale of fireworks on the last day of the festival. Nighttime visitors are welcome to enjoy the sight of roses as well with their beauty maximized by a variety of lighting effects. The festival celebrates each day with diverse contents based on different themes and provides photo zones throughout the event venue for visitors.
- Rose Day (5.19, Friday): Community event programs (Rose Parade, Rose Singing Contest, etc.)
- Couple's Day (5.20, Saturday): Event programs for youths and international visitors (Rose & Music Party, Hanbok Flash Mob, Hanbok Fashion Show, Jazz Concert, etc.)
- Wife's Day (5.21, Sunday): Event programs dedicated to wives (Rose Path Walk, Wife's Day Garden Dinner Show, Musical Gala Show, etc.)
- Permanent programs: Rose Market, traditional market street foods, food trucks, small business booths, performances by Jungnang-gu artists
- Little Rose Festival (a week before and after the main festival period): Rose Road Busking, Rose Library Book Concert, Rose Concert at your service, Rose Free Market, children's drawing contest, marathon, exhibitions, performances and more.
Admission/Participation Fees
Free (separate fee applies for experience events)
Additional Events
- Junghwa Sports Park: Outdoor exhibition, experience zones (mobile rock climbing, horse riding, hot balloon, pottery, water zone, rides, etc.)
- Surim Public Park: Bulgaria MOU, multicultural performances, music performances, fashion show, etc.
- Mokdongcheon Stream Rose Garden: Rose film exhibition, beauty zones (hanbok experience, making a rose halo, hair and make-up), fish exhibition, etc.
- Areas of Jungangcheon-ro Road: Rose market, traditional market street foods, small business booths, etc.
- Junghwa Sugyeong Park: Food booths, Jungnang artist performances, etc.
- Rose Tunnel: Photo zones, Jungnang artist performances, etc.
Program Details
- Rose Parade: A rose-themed parade where everybody is invited to join in. Parade includes performances by military band, Bulgarian performance team from Kazanlak, Rapercussion, etc.
- Rose Singing Contest: Singing contest based on songs related to flowers along with performances presented by guest singers Park Hyun-bin, Geum Jan-di, Melody Day, etc.
- Rose & Music Party: Energetic and vibrant party for youths and young couples. Stage performances will be brought by guest singers AOMG, Glam Beats, etc.
- Wife's Day Garden Dinner Show: A dinner cooking show with popular chef Mikhal for 15 selected married couples at a beautiful garden of roses.
- KBS Symphony Orchestra Rose Concert (conducted by Yoel Levi)
Discount Information
Seoul residents are eligible for 20% discount on selected items at participating stores upon receiving rose stamps during the festival period.
* Details available on the official website and leaflet.
Age Limit
Open to visitors of all ages.
Meokgol Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 7.
Walk straight for approx. 40m.
Turn left and walk straight for approx. 400m to Jungnangcheon Stream.

Junghwa Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 4.
Turn left and walk straight for approx. 400m to Jungnangcheon Stream and Junghwa Sugyeong Park.
seoulrose.jungnang.go.kr (Korean only)