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  • Jeju International Experimental Arts Festival (제주국제실험예술제)

    Jeju International Experimental Arts Festival...

    Jeju International Experimental Art Festival (JIEAF) is an annual festival that hosts exhibitions, performances, and art forums at various locations on Jeju Island. As the only international experimen...

    • Period10-09-2019 ~ 10-20-2019
    • RegionJeju-do
  • Grand Chrysanthemum Festival (대한민국 국향대전)

    Grand Chrysanthemum Festival (대한민국 국향대전)...

    Grand Chrysanthemum Festival started in the autumn of 2004. Various chrysanthemum art pieces create a beautiful autumn ambience while the festival grounds are filled with diverse programs.

    • Period10-18-2019 ~ 11-03-2019
    • RegionJeollanam-do
  • Hongcheon Ginseng & Myeongpum Festival (홍천인삼·명품축제)

    Hongcheon Ginseng & Myeongpum Festival (홍천인삼·...

    Gangwon Hongcheon Ginseng & Myeongpum Festival is held annually in October in the city of Hongcheon. The natural clean air and water help this area to have excellent quality ginseng and hanu (Korean b...

    • Period10-03-2019 ~ 10-06-2019
    • RegionGangwon-do
  • Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Shrimp and Gizzard Shad Festival (무창포 신비의 바닷길 대하·전어 축제)

    Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Shrimp and Gizzard ...

    Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Shrimp and Gizzard Shad Festival takes place at Muchangpohang Port. Visitors may enjoy diverse experience programs including catching shrimp, razor shell clams, and other sea...

    • Period09-21-2019 ~ 10-13-2019
    • RegionChungcheongnam-do
  • Jarasum International Jazz Festival (자라섬국제재즈페스티벌)

    Jarasum International Jazz Festival (자라섬국제재즈페...

    The Jarasum International Jazz Festival is held every October on the beautiful Jaraseom Island in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do. During the festival, world-famous jazz artists come together to delight aud...

    • Period10-04-2019 ~ 10-06-2019
    • RegionGyeonggi-do