Live Fusion Gukak Music Performance Fanta-Stick (판타스틱)

  • Live Fusion Gukak Music Performance Fanta-Stick (판타스틱)
  • Live Fusion Gukak Music Performance Fanta-Stick (판타스틱)
01.01.2018 ~ 12.31.2018
120, Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 통일로 120 (충정로1가)
NH Art Hall – Fanta-Stick Theater
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Sponsors / Management
Haera Inc. (Tel. +82-2-3143-5959) / Haera Inc.

Heart-beating sounds of powerful percussion rhythm and Heart-filling melodies of beautiful Gukak!
Story of Korea with Korean traditional instruments; Dae-guem, Hae-geum, Gayaguen, and A-jaeng. When Fanta-Stick’s beating starts, your heart-beat will go up to the highest with the percussion sounds. Modern interpretation of Gukak based on tradition. Guaka is no longer boring. Experience new Korea.

* Point 1) Exciting Live Battle show between the Percussion family and the Gukak family!
- 100% Live Gukak performance that you can’t take your eyes off.
- The spirit of fusion Gukak composed by Kim, Baekchan; a music director of movies called ‘A Frozen Flower’ and ‘Blades of Blood’.

* Point 2) Collection of all representative contents of Korea
All the Korean representative contents in one performance! Percussion, fusion Gukak, Comedy, Korean traditional instruments, Korean traditional performances and so on.

* Point 3) Performance only for audiences and with audiences
An interactive performance made with audiences and performers together.

* Point 4) Fun! Main reason for watching a performance
Have fun with an exciting percussion performance and fill your heart with beautiful fusion Gukak performance.

- The Percussion Family
Percussion family running an auto repair shop and living a fun and peaceful life. One day, they find the heavenly flute in the corner of the auto repair shop. The Gukak family sees the heavenly flute in the repair shop and they tries to take it back from the percussion family. Since then, weird happenings occur to the percussion family every day.

- The Gukak Family
The Gukak family became ghosts because the youngest daughter tore the heavenly drum off. They have to play ‘Fanta-Stick’ music to turn back into human. But they can’t play ‘Fanta-Stick’ music without the lost heavenly flute. One day, they find out that the percussion family has the heavenly flute in their auto repair shop. So they try to take the heavenly flute back.
In the beginning, there were a man and a woman who loved each other. God loved them so much that he gave a Heavenly drum to the man and a Heavenly flute to the woman.
But the woman tore off the Heavenly drum because the man got obsessed by the Heavenly drum. As a result, God hid the Heavenly flute and made her family become ghosts.
The only way to turn back into human is to play ‘Fanta-Stick’ music with the lost heavenly flute. Guess what will happen to them next?
Performance Times
January 1, 2018 ~ Open run
17:00, 20:00 Daily (Open all year round)
Admission/Participation Fees
VIP-Seat 60,000 won
R-Seat 50,000 won
S-Seat 40,000 won
Duration of Performance
80 minutes
Age Limit
Open to visitors ages 3 or over
Ticket Reservations
Fanta-Stick Office: +82-2-3143-5959 (Korea, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Email Inquiries: fantastickeng@gmail.com

Online reservation: ticket.interpark.com
Seodaemun Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 5 & 6
- Connected to exit

Bus No. 101, 106, 171, 270, 271, 7019, 7021, 7024, 9701, 9714, 9710
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