Gaya Culture Festival (가야문화축제)

  • Gaya Culture Festival (가야문화축제)
  • Gaya Culture Festival (가야문화축제)
  • Gaya Culture Festival (가야문화축제)
  • Gaya Culture Festival (가야문화축제)
  • Gaya Culture Festival (가야문화축제)
  • Gaya Culture Festival (가야문화축제)
  • Gaya Culture Festival (가야문화축제)
04.27.2018 ~ 05.01.2018 Finished
126, Garak-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 김해시 가야의길 126 (대성동)
Areas of Gimhae (Daesong-dong Ancient Tombs, Sureungwon Garden, Haebancheon Stream, Gaya Street)
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Sponsors / Management
Gaya Culture Festival Committee /
The Gaya Culture Festival is a historical and cultural festival of Gimhae-si, whose long history and tradition is based on the Geumgwan Gaya, a leading power among the six Gaya groups.

King Kim Suro founded Gaya in A.D. 42 and married Heo Hwang-ok, a princess from the Indian country of Ayuta, in A.D. 48. This was the first known international marriage in the history of the Korean Peninsula. Gaya was quite advanced in the production of earthenware and iron implements, and traded with neighboring countries like China, Nakrang, and Japan. It thrived as a center of international exchange in Northeast Asia, and its culture was also remarkably developed.

Gimhae, the birthplace of the Gaya culture, has a long history and unique culture. Through the Gaya Culture Festival, the region is continuing to preserve, build on, and develop the Gaya culture and heritage. The Gaya Culture Festival asserts Gaya’s rightful place alongside the Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla kingdoms.
[Main Events]
- King Suro's Parade
- Goyuje / Honbulchaehwa
- Chunhyang Daeje
- Gimhae Rope-pulling
- Gaya Warrior Experience Zone
- Gaya Treasure Hunt (Gaya-GO)
Admission/Participation Fees
Take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal bound to Gimhae Bus Terminal. Upon getting off from the bus, cross the main road and walk straight towards to the Gimhae Library. Then make left turn and continue walking for about 554m. The venue (Daesong-dong Ancient Tombs) will be on your right.

From Gimhae Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Daesong-dong Ancient Tombs or Sureungwon area (5min).

Get off at Museum Station (Busan Gimhae Light Rail), Exit 2. Walk for about 37m to reach the cross road and continue walking until to reach at Gaya four-way street. Following the Gaya-gil street, walk for about 168m to reach the destination.
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