Guryongpo Specialty Festival (포항구룡포과메기축제)

  • Guryongpo Specialty Festival (포항구룡포과메기축제)
  • Guryongpo Specialty Festival (포항구룡포과메기축제)
  • Guryongpo Specialty Festival (포항구룡포과메기축제)

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11.21.2015 ~ 11.22.2015 Finished
Guryongpohang Port, Guryongpo-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경북 포항시 남구 구룡포읍
Guryongpohang Port area
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The Guryongpo Specialty Gwamegi Festival celebrates the local specialties of the Pohang city region. Pohang city is widely-known as the village where Gwamegi, dried mackerel, originated, and the festival promotes this delicious dish as well as other local specialties, such as snow crabs and squid.

The Gwamegi Festival presents folk games, traditional Korean music performances, specialty product (squid, Gwamegi) competitions, free sampling exhibitions, and other cultural experience programs.
From Pohang Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus 200.
Get off at Guryongpo (the last stop). (Estimated travel time: 1 hr, 10min)