Chuncheon International Taekwondo Championships (춘천오픈국제태권도대회)

  • Chuncheon International Taekwondo Championships (춘천오픈국제태권도대회)

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Gangwon-do, Chuncheon-si, Seoksa-dong
강원도 춘천시 우석로 102-2 (석사동)
Hoban Gymnasium & Surrounding Areas
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Sponsors / Management
Chuncheon-si /
As the master country of Taekwondo, Chuncheon Open International Taekwondo Championships provide the opportunity for Taekwondo artists from all over the world to demonstrate their Taekwondo skills. The championships are held every other year.

Description: The championships are categorized into three divisions: Gyeorugi, Gyeongyeon, and Color Belts Gyeorugi. The Gyeorugi Division has the most contestants, and is sectioned into male/female, junior/senior, and children. The Color Belts Gyeorugi Division is open to only foreign contestants over the age of 14 years.
The Gyeongyeon Division includes Sonnal Gyeokpa which uses only a single hand-surface, the Jumeok which uses the fists, and the Jonghap Gyeokpa. Also in the Gyeongyeon Division are the Creative Pumsae, which uses the basic elements of Taekwondo, Taekwondo Gymnastics and Hosinsul.
Other related events also scheduled are the Taekwondo Demonstration, Sports Dance, Street Demonstrations, and more.

Championships Highlights: The festival is an international festival with its an overriding Taekwondo theme, now an official Olympic Sport and Korea’s native martial arts. The festival consists of welcoming, opening and closing ceremonies, and of course the championships themselves. The most attractive feature about this festival is that Taekwondo fans can see the world’s leading Taekwondo artists up-close.
The host city of Chuncheon is also surrounded by many major tourist attractions such as Namiseom Island and Cheongpyeongsa Temple, which visitors can enjoy along with the festival.




April 10 - June 30

Application Period

July 20 - July 21


July 21

Representatives Meeting

Referee Seminar

July 23

Opening Ceremony

Welcoming Reception

July 22 - July 27

Gyeorugi 09:00-18:00

July 23 - July 26

Gyeongyeon 09:00-18:00

July 26 - July 27

Color Belts Gyeorugi 09:00-18:00

July 23 - July 26

Special Events
Hands-on Activities & Traditional Folk Games
Taekwondo Demonstration, Taekwondo Dance & Traditional Dance Performance
Sales Booth: Taekwondo Equipments
& Local products

July 27

Closing Ceremony

Admission/Participation Fees
Registration Fee: Individual (per event per person) 25,000 won
1 game per team (for Group game) 80,000 won
- A team consisting of a group of three or more, director’s fee is waived
Additional Events
Hands-on Activities & Traditional Folk Games Taekwondo Demonstration, Taekwondo Dance & Traditional Dance Performance
Sales Booth: Taekwondo Equipment& Local products
From Cheongnyangni Station (Seoul Subway Line 1 or 4), take the train bound for Namchuncheon Station.
- Get off at Namchuncheon Station and transfer to a taxi
(costs around 2,000 won)
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