Tamnaguk Ipchun Gut Nori (Spring Welcoming Exorcism of Tamna) (탐라국입춘굿놀이)

  • Tamnaguk Ipchun Gut Nori (Spring Welcoming Exorcism of Tamna) (탐라국입춘굿놀이)
  • Tamnaguk Ipchun Gut Nori (Spring Welcoming Exorcism of Tamna) (탐라국입춘굿놀이)

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Tamnaguk is the ancient name for Jeju Island, once a small country, and the term Ipchun means the first day of spring. The coming of spring was also the beginning of the farming season, and Tamnaguk Ipchun Gut Nori is the customary gut (exorcism) ritual performed by the people of Jeju to pray for a bountiful harvest. In modern times, this event is an authentic reenactment of the many traditional gut rituals and is also held to welcome the coming of spring.

Festival Overview: The festival is held for two days with an opening ceremony in the evening, followed by the main event on Ipchun day. The opening ceremony features a procession by Jeju citizens dressed in traditional clothing followed by lively music and traditional instruments made up of gongs and drums.
On the second day (the first day of spring), the festival will proceed to downtown Jeju, stopping here and there to perform gut rituals. Generally a gut ritual expresses ancient beliefs; and specifically, the ipchun gut is meant to ensure a bountiful harvest at the end of the agricultural season. The ritual performers will wear tal (Korean traditional mask). A spring-related photo exhibition and drawing contest will also be held during the festival, and photos will be exhibited.
Hands-on programs include making rice cakes in the traditional way from scratch to finish, and creating tal masks. Visitors can also experience traditional folk games like jegi chagi (shuttlecock) and paengi chigi (top spinning).

Festival Highlights: As the festival name indicates, the highlight of the event is the gut performance. This ritual differs from those in other regions as it is performed according to local traditions with costumes unique to Jeju Island. Visitors will also enjoy walking with the farmers’ band and even “banging heads” the way band members do. For a good view of the ritual, arrive early to get a front-row seat just in front of the altar.
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