Hoengseong Hanu Festival (횡성한우축제)

  • Hoengseong Hanu Festival (횡성한우축제)
  • Hoengseong Hanu Festival (횡성한우축제)
  • Hoengseong Hanu Festival (횡성한우축제)
  • Hoengseong Hanu Festival (횡성한우축제)
  • Hoengseong Hanu Festival (횡성한우축제)
  • Hoengseong Hanu Festival (횡성한우축제)

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09.30.2016 ~ 10.04.2016
93, Samil-ro, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 횡성군 횡성읍 삼일로 93 (횡성읍)
Area round Seomgang River in Hoengseong-eup (횡성읍 섬강 둔치일원)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
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• For more info: +82-33-340-2223~6
Sponsors / Management
Hoengseong-gun / Hoengseong Hanu Festival Organizing Committee
Every year, Hanu (Korean native cattle) Festival takes places in Hoengseong County, where the climate and the environment are said to be perfect for raising cattle. The festival attracts a large number of people, who come to try the usually expensive Hoengseong hanu beef at affordable prices, along with another specialty of Hoengseong County, deodeok (mountain bellflower). In addition to food sampling, the festival holds diverse agriculture experience programs, while offering access to nearby attractions such as Hoengseong Hot Springs and Jucheongang River Natural Forest Lodge.
[Main Events]
- Food: Hanu (Korean beef) sales, self-restaurant, general restaurant, family cooking program, café on water, etc.
- Hanu Culture: Hanu-themed hall, Hanu playground, Hanu sampling and testing, etc.
- Regional Province Promotion: Agricultural products sales, family program, Anheung Jjin-bbang sales, Hoengseong-gun promotional hall, cultural exchanging hall, Stable experience, etc.
- Joyful Program: Enjoy Hanu festival fully, children’s playground, family group program, fireworks, celebratory performances, and etc.
- Regional Promotion Program: Agricultural product and specialty product exhibition and sales, family hands-on program, promotion hall of Hoengseong-gun, etc.
Performance Times
* Themed performance: 19:00-21:00
Additional Events
- Rock-carrying Competition
- Large Balloon Parade
- Ssireum (Korean wrestling) Contest
- Treasure Hunt Event
- Big-sized Bibimbap Performance
- Agricultural Culture Experience
Take an express bus to Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal.
Upon exiting the terminal, take Bus 2 bound for Hoengseong.
Get off at Hoengseong Chukhyeop 4-way Intersection (횡성축협사거리).
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)