Geumsan Insam Festival (금산인삼축제)

  • Geumsan Insam Festival (금산인삼축제)
  • Geumsan Insam Festival (금산인삼축제)
  • Geumsan Insam Festival (금산인삼축제)
  • Geumsan Insam Festival (금산인삼축제)
  • Geumsan Insam Festival (금산인삼축제)
  • Geumsan Insam Festival (금산인삼축제)
  • Geumsan Insam Festival (금산인삼축제)
10.09.2020 ~ 10.18.2020
30, Insamgwangjang-ro, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 금산군 금산읍 인삼광장로 30
Areas of Geumsan Ginseng Museum and Ginseng & Herb Street
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-41-750-4147
Sponsors / Management
Geumsan-gun / Geumsan-gun Festival Organizing Committee
Geumsan Insam Festival is held annually in Geumsan-gun, the largest production region of ginseng in Korea. Growing both in content and in size, the festival was selected as a cultural tourism festival by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sports in 1996 and became established as a national festival. With the rising popularity of the festival, the marvelous effects of Geumsan ginseng have become known throughout the nation, drawing an increasing number of local and foreign tourists every year. The festival also holds special exhibitions and sets up booths where people can try some of the various health therapies. Aside from the exhibitions, exciting events, performances, and delicious food are sure to please visitors.
Health Experience Hall, Digging up ginseng, Nostalgic Ginseng Street, Geumsan Self Studio, Children's Healing Playground, Health and Longevity Hall, National Ginseng Medicial Cooking Contest, Healthy Dance Competition, National Creative Music Competition, Geumsan Traditional Folk Performance, Musical Gala Concert, Health and Beauty Concert, Geumsan Ginseng Concert, etc.

* Programs and schedule subject to change
Performance Times
Admission/Participation Fees
Varies by program (free/paid)
Duration of Performance
Varies by program
Age Limit
Open to visitors of all ages
[Express/Intercity Bus]
Take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Geumsan Bus Terminal.
From Geumsan Bus Terminal, walk for approx. 5 min to the festival venue.
www.insamfestival.co.kr (Korean only)

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