Juwangsan Sudalrae Festival (주왕산 수달래축제)

  • Juwangsan Sudalrae Festival (주왕산 수달래축제)
  • Juwangsan Sudalrae Festival (주왕산 수달래축제)

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05.02.2015 ~ 05.03.2015 Finished
169-7, Gongwon-gil, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 청송군 부동면 공원길 169-7
Juwangsan Mountain national park
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• For more info: +82-54-873-2527
Sponsors / Management
Cheongsong-gun / Cheongsong-gun Festival committee
Juwangsan Sudalrae Festival has become one of the main local festivals of Cheongsong-gun County since its inauguration in 1985. Sudalrae is a perennial plant that is a breed of azalea. Sudalrae flower blossoms are characterized by darker and more vivid colors than standard azalea blossoms. Sudalrae is considered one of the four specialties of Juwangsan Mountain along with boxwood trees, moss, and unique rock formations. The festival lets visitors experience some of Cheongsong’s unique aspects.
Official event: Sudalrae Jerye (ceremony), floating of sudalrae flower petals
Performance event: Music road and poem recitation, cultural art performance
Contest event: Sudalrae weaving contest, writing contest, etc.
Hands-on program: Multicultural food experience, sharing rice cakes, eco-friendly activity, etc.
Exhibition and sales event: Direct market of agricultural and special products, exhibition of sudalrae
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합터미널), take an express bus bound for Juwangsan(주왕산) intercity bus terminal.
-Bus schedule: 6:30/8:40/10:20/12:00/15:10/16:40
-Travel time: 4 hours 30 min
From Juwangsan intercity bus terminal, walk for 300m.

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