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Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)

  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Laseonjae (한국역사문화음식학교 라선재)
  • Address 424-33, Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
    경상북도 경주시 현곡면 용담로 443-51
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    Housed in the Culinary School of Korea History and Culture in Gyeongju, the Laseonjae restaurant serves unique culinary delights that recreate the cuisine served in the royal courts of the Silla Kingdom. The school has a well-established reputation as a culinary institution that excels in preserving the taste and cooking styles of the past. Laseonjae was opened with the goal of promoting Isageum, the Silla-style course meal that the school developed after many years of research.
    The Isageum table consists of various dishes served in the royal court of Silla: the dishes are made of nine rare, medicinal ingredients called gujinmi. The interior of Laseonjae is decorated mostly in gold, the color that defines the Silla Kingdom. Note the columns with lotus leaf patterns and other characteristics unique to banquet halls from the Silla royal court. The restaurant staff further portrays the splendor of the era by wearing traditional Shilla dress, seemingly transporting diners back in time while they enjoy an elegant and delicious meal experience.

    Opening date
    May18, 2009

    Weekends & public holidays

    Activity Information
    Traditional food cooking and dining experience

    Operating Hours

    Parking Facilities

    Available Facilities
    Lecture room, reference room, sotdanji museum, fermentation room for medicinal seasonings

    Not permitted

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