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Hobakso Pond (시례 호박소)

  • Hobakso Pond (시례 호박소)
  • Hobakso Pond (시례 호박소)
  • Hobakso Pond (시례 호박소)
  • Hobakso Pond (시례 호박소)
  • Hobakso Pond (시례 호박소)
Nammyeong-ri, Sannae-myeon, Miryang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 밀양시 산내면 얼음골로 334-1
Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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    Hobakso Pond (호박소) sits on the hillside of the 885 meter-high Mt. Baekunsan (백운산) located in Milyang, Gyeongnam Province. The pond is located at the base of a 10-meter-high waterfall and is named after hobak, a grain-grinding tool. The circumference of the pond is around 30 meters and it is quite deep. In olden days, the pond was a spiritual place where people would pray for rain. Surrounded by white granite rocks, the area is a scenic place of natural beauty, free of any kind of pollution. Visitors can also look around nearby Baengnyeonsa Temple, Hyeongjeso Pond and Ocheonpyeong Rock.

    * Eoreumgol (Ice Valley)
    Eoreumgol (얼음골), or the Ice Valley, refers to the 30,000 m² valley area that stretches from the 600-meter level to 750-meter level on the northern side of Mt Jaeyak (also known as Mt Cheonhwang). In this mysterious valley, water freezes during the peak of summer and begins to melt around the end of the summer season, but never freezes during the wintertime. Designated as Natural Monument No.224, Eoreumgol is under the official protection of the government.

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