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Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)

  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Sacheon District) (한려해상국립공원-사천)
Seobyeon-ri, Namhae-eup, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 사천시 늑도동 (늑도동)
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    Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park is a national sea park that encompasses the most beautiful stretch of Korea’s south coast, covering parts of Sacheon, Geoje, Tongyeong, Hadong and Namhae of Gyeongnam Province and Yeosu of Jeonnam Province. Its 510,323㎢-wide area covers Dadohae Islets, Bijindo Island and Haegeumgang. The Donam Complex in Tongyeong is being continually developed as a world-class marine tourist attraction.

    The sea-view of the Namehae section of Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park is particularly breathtaking. Here visitors will be captivated by the view of Sejondo Island, the Pipe Organ Valley and Ssangyonggul Cave.

    Sangju Beach, at two kilometer-long and 150 meter-wide, is the biggest beach on the south coast and is covered with silver-white sand. The pine forest carpeting the surrounding environment also offers visitors a refreshing atmosphere.

    Located nearby is 681-meter-high Mt. Geumsan, making the beach a place where vacationers can appreciate both the sea and the mountain at the same time. Other attractions available in this area are the 38 Attractions of Mt. Geumsan, and Irak Shrine (Historic Site No.232) and Chungryeol Shrine (Historic Site No.233) dedicated to the great Admiral Sunsin Yi.

    Hallyeohaesang National Park Office


    * Subject to abrupt closure due to adverse weather conditions.

    Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)

    1. Camellia woods, Hakdong-ri, Dongbu-myeon, Geoje, Gyeongnam Province (protected as a rare plant species habitat until 2026).

    2. Korean winter hazel woods, Ssoksaebakkol.
    [From Mt Geumsan entrance to Mt Geumsan summit (Sangju-myeon, Namhae-gun); from Beokkol to Haegeumgang Town (Nambu-myeon, Geoje); from Haegeumgang to Wujebong (Nambu-myeon, Geoje); from Yeocha to Mujigae (Nambu-myeon, Geoje); and from Somaemuldo to Maemul light house (Hansan-myeon, Tongyeong)]

    Mountain Not Access Period
    Seasonal Forest Fire Watches by Park
    February 15 - April 30
    *TBD by park directors based on fire weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions.

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    * Dumo Valley 두모계곡 ~ Busoam 부소암 ~ Hwaeombong Peak 화엄봉 ~ Itaejogidan 이태조기단
    * Noryang Park 노량공원~ The top of Sanseongsan Mountain 산성산정상

    Areas Open to the Public
    * The entrance of Geumsan 금산입구 ~ The top of Geumsan 정상
    * Bokgok Parking Lot 2 본곡제2주차장 ~ Sangsaam 상사암 ~ Ssanghongmun 쌍홍문
    * The entrance of Geumsan 금산입구 ~ The entrance of Geumsan 금산입구
    * Neukdo Parking Lot 늑도주차장 ~ Keunseomsan 큰섬산
    * Choyang Rest Area 초양휴게소 ~ Choyang Island 초양도
    * Iraksa Temple Entrance 이락사입구 ~ Observatory 전망대
    * Nodo Maeul 노도마을 ~ Gimmanjungyuheoji 김만중유허지
    * Jindu 진두 ~ Deopeulgae 덮을개
    * Haegeumgang River 해금강 ~ Ujaebong Peak 우제봉 ~ Seokgae Beach 석개해변
    * Yaso 야소 ~ Maan 마안
    * Somaemuldo Island 소매물도 ~ Maemul Lighthouse 매물등대
    * Jisimdo Port 지심도선착장 ~ Haeanseon Observatory 해안선전망대
    * Danggeum Village 당금마을 ~ Daehang Village 대항마을
    * Jeseungdang Port 제승당선착장 ~ Yeomho-ri 776 Area 염호리 776번지 일원
    * Gujora Port 구조라선착장 ~ Gujora Village 구조라마을
    * Sujeongbong Peak 수정봉 ~ Gujora Castle 구조라성
    * Sogopo 소고포 ~ Daechon Samgeori(intersection) 대촌삼거리
    * Jeogu Samgeori(intersection) 저구삼거리 ~ Naebongsan Mountain 내봉산 ~ Mangsan Mountain 망산 ~ Myeongsa 명사
    * Hongpo Maeul 홍포마을 ~ Haemijanggoldeung 해미장골등
    * Yeocha Maeul 여차마을 ~ Yeochadeung 여차등
    * Hakdonggogae 학동고개 ~ The top of Garasan Mountain 가라산정상 ~ Jeogu Samgeori(intersection) 저구삼거리
    * Moebawi 뫼바위 ~ Jobatgol 조밭골 ~ Hakdong 학동
    * Jinmaije 진마이제 ~ Naechol 내촐
    * The top of Garasan Mountain 가라산정상 ~ Dadae Reservoir 다대저수지상부
    * Hakdonggogae 학동고개 ~ Gujora Village 구조라마을
    * Yanghwa Samgeori(intersection) 양화삼거리 ~ Yanghwa Village 양화마을
    * Dongbu Jeongsujang(water purification plant) 동부정수장 ~ Mangchi Village 망치마을
    * Mangyang Samgeori(intersection) 망양삼거리 ~ Mangyang Village 망양마을
    * U2Giji Entrance U2기지초입부 ~ Seoimal Deungdae(Lighthouse) 서이말등대
    * Yegu Village 예구마을 ~ Yegu Samgeori(intersection) 예구삼거리
    * Irunbongsudae Samgeori(intersection) 일운봉수대삼거리 ~ Irunmangsan Samgeori(intersection) 일운망산삼거리
    * Gonggoji Entrance 공고지초입 ~ Seoimal Samgeori(intersection)서이말삼거리
    * The Hill of Wind 바람의 언덕 ~ Haegeumgang River 해금강
    * Sannyang-eup 산양읍 ~ Huimangbong Peak 희망봉 ~ Dara 달아
    * Bongjeonsoryuji 봉전소류지 ~ Dapha 답하 ~ Hwayang Elementary School 화양초교
    * Oehang Port 외항선착장 ~ Seonnyudae 선유대 ~ Oehang Beach 외항해수욕장
    * Somaemuldo Island Village 소매물도마을 ~ Bungyo 분교
    * Yeondae Village 연대마을 ~ Bongsudae 봉수대 ~ Yeondae Beach 연대해변

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    Admission Fees

    Available Facilities
    Visitors' Center


    Parking Fees
    Small vehicles (under 1000cc): 2,000 won
    Mid-sized vehicles: 4,000 won (Peak season 5,000 won)
    Large vehicles: 6,000 won (Peak season 7,500 won)
    * Free: Regular shuttle buses (Not including monthly parking leasers)

    Baby Stroller Rentals
    Not available

    Not permitted

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