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Paju Unification Park (통일공원(파주))

  • Paju Unification Park (통일공원(파주))
  • Paju Unification Park (통일공원(파주))
  • Paju Unification Park (통일공원(파주))
  • Paju Unification Park (통일공원(파주))
  • Paju Unification Park (통일공원(파주))
  • Paju Unification Park (통일공원(파주))
  • Paju Unification Park (통일공원(파주))
  • Address 1586-24, Tongil-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
    경기도 파주시 파주읍 통일로 1586-24
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    Paju Unification Park was built in Bongseo-ri, Paju-eup, in June 1973 to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought in the defense of the South during the Korean War, as well as to pray for unification. It is situated near Munsan Station where the UN War Correspondent Center was located during the armistice talks. A monument rests within the park that pays tribute to the 18 Korean and foreign war correspondents who died trying to share their, often tragic, stories of the war. They include Han Gyu-ho of the Seoul Shinmun as well as journalists from the U.S. (10 people), Britain (4 people), France (2 people) and the Philippines (1 person). There is also a tower built to commemorate the loyalty and courage of 10 brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves in a bomb attack, a memorial tower dedicated to anticommunist guerilla units from the Gaema Plateau, and a statue of Colonel Lee Yu-jung and Second Lieutenant Kim Man-sul.

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    Unification Security Exhibition Hall, the nothernmost point of the railway, Mangbaedan Altar, memorial monuments, snack bar, sports facilities, Unification Park resting area (+82-31-953-0847)

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