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Naeyeonsan County Park (내연산군립공원)

  • Naeyeonsan County Park (내연산군립공원)
  • Naeyeonsan County Park (내연산군립공원)
  • Naeyeonsan County Park (내연산군립공원)
  • Naeyeonsan County Park (내연산군립공원)
  • Naeyeonsan County Park (내연산군립공원)
  • Naeyeonsan County Park (내연산군립공원)
523, Bogyeong-ro, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 포항시 북구 송라면 보경로 523
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    Naeyeonsan Mountain in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do is located in the southern Taebaek Mountains. Hywangrobong Peak, the highest peak, is 930 meters above sea level. The ancient Bogyeongsa Temple is located on this mountain, as are numerous beautiful waterfalls. If you reach Gwaneum Falls after passing by Ssangsaeng Falls, Sambo Falls, Boyeon Falls, and Jamyong Falls, you will find Gwaneum Cave. After continuing over a viaduct, you will finally come across Yeonsan Falls, the most magnificent and splendid waterfall among the 12 on Naeyeonsan Mountain. With its pristine waters and surrounding pine forest, many visitors have fallen in love with Yeonsan Falls.

    * Subject to abrupt closure due to adverse weather conditions.

    Hiking Course
    * Bogyeongsa Temple (보경사) - Ssangsaeng falls - Munsuam (문수암) - Hyangnobong peak (향로봉) - Bogyeongsa Temple (20km, 5:30)

    * Hyangnobong in Naeyeonsan area, 930m
    1) Parking lot - Bogyeongsa Temple Saryeonggogae - Munsubong peak (문수봉) - Samjibong peak (삼지봉) - Madangmigi (마당미기) - Hyangnogyo - Hyangnobong
    2) Parking lot - Bogyeongsa Temple - Munsuam - Ssangsaeng falls - Bohyeongam (보현암) - Gwaneum falls - Eunpok (은폭) - Y Camp - Jalpi enterance (잘피입구) - Simyeong-ri (시명리) - Hyangnobong
    3) Haok Hyangnogyo (하옥 향로교) - Hyangnobong

    * Wucheokbong in Cheollyeongsan area, 775m
    1) Parking lot - Bogyeonggyo bridge 2 - Samgakjeom (삼각점) - Hanuijae (하늬재) - Eumjibatdeung (음지밭등) - Wucheokbong
    2) Parking lot - Bogyeonggyo bridge 3 - Helicopter ped - Eumjibat - Wucheokbong
    3) Saemjae (샘재) - Satgatbong (삿갓봉) - Oesolbaegi (외솔배기) - 683bong - Wucheokbong
    4) Saemjae - Three-way Crossing (삼거리) - Wucheokbong

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    Refer to the website.

    Mountain Not Access Period
    Seasonal Forest Fire Watches
    Spring: March 2-April 30
    Autumn: November 1-December 15
    * Periods and areas are subject to change based on fire weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions.

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    Admission Fees

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