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Hongcheongang River (홍천강)

  • Hongcheongang River (홍천강)
  • Hongcheongang River (홍천강)
  • Hongcheongang River (홍천강)
  • Hongcheongang River (홍천강)
  • Address Palbonggangbyeon-gil, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
    강원도 홍천군 서면 팔봉강변길
  • Type Lakes/ Rivers/ Caves
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    Hongcheongang River flows from Hongcheon to Cheongpyeong in Gangwon-do. The waters are relatively warm and shallow, formed of wide banks, providing an outstanding spot for waterside excursions. The 143-kilometer stretch of the river offers a series of great tourist attractions. There are over ten riverside locales officially developed as vacationing sites, and have campsites for motor homes, including Gulji-ri, Palbongsan Mountain, Bamgol, Bangok, Tonggok, Gaeya, Susan, and Mogok; the most popular among them is the Bambeol Site in Mogok-ri. Seo-myeon, which boasts a one-kilometer riverside beach covered with pebbles and sand. However, the Magok Site, located at the very end of the river, adjacent to Cheongpyeong Lake, is less busy compared to Mogok and is well known among water skiers and jet skiers for its deeper water.

    If you travel upstream from Mogok, you will find many vacationing sites, one after another, until you reach the beautiful Palbongsan Mountain, endowed with eight peaks. The river is shallow near the Palbong Site and you can try the 2-hour hiking course as well. Bamgol Site is good for those who like to camp in the chestnut woods, while Gulji-ri and Janghang-ri Sites are known for deeper water and are also visited less frequently.

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