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COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)

  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)
  • COEX Aquarium (코엑스 아쿠아리움)

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513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 513 (삼성동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-6002-6200
Operating Hours
10:00 - 20:00
Admission is available until one hour before closing time.
N/A (Open all year round)
Length of Tour
1hr – 1hr 30mins
  • Information
    The COEX Aquarium is spread out over a large area and showcases no less than 40,000 sea creatures, which come from 600 different species. The aquarium is unique in Korea because it has been designed around the theme of “Water Journey”. On entering the museum, visitors will embark on an adventure that follows water on its journey from the high Andean mountains, through the Amazon tropical rainforest to swamps, rivers, seashores, and finally to the depths of the ocean. Visitors will get an in-depth look into some of the world’s fascinating underwater creatures.

    COEX Aquarium

    Structure Size
    Whole area 14,350㎡
    Facilities area 9,256㎡
    Tanks - 130 display tanks, 90 breeding tanks
    Water volume – approximately 3,000 tons
    Creatures - 40,000 sea creatures from approximately 650 different species

    Program Information
    Feeding the Penguins, Feeding the Otters, Feeding Sharks

    Exhibition Hall Information
    # The Ocean Kingdom
    The Ocean Kingdom contains a huge tank filled with 2,000 tons of seawater, in which a large number of sharks, stingrays, turtles, and a shoal of silver-colored fish live in almost exactly the same conditions as the ocean.

    # Doctor Fish Exhibition
    Learn about the Doctor Fish experience by putting your fingers in the water and having the fish nibble on them. It's a tingly, unique feeling and it gets rid of your dead skin.

    # Kid’s Aquarium
    Here, children can come face to face with their favorite sea creatures. They can see and even touch frogs, yellow tailed anemone fish, blowfish, and gecko lizards, and have fun learning about life under the sea.

    # Fish in Wonderland
    This amusing exhibition takes fish out of the sea and straight into visitors’ daily lives. Here visitors can see fish living in a traffic light, postbox, refrigerator, computer, washing machine, television set, sink, toilet bowl, bed, and telephone booth.

    # The Penguins’ imaginary playground
    In the COEX Aquarium, visitors can meet the Humboldt penguins that normally are only found in Peru and Chile in South America.

    # Seal Tanks
    Here, visitors can see two seals named Daeyangi and Haeyangi. A special naming event was held to choose the names for these sibling seals.

    Subsidiary Facilities
    Aqua Gallery - Free / Souvenir shop "Under the Sea" / Snack bar "Very Very Sea"

    Admission / Participation Fees
    Adults 22,000 won / Middle to high school students 19,000 won / Children 16,000 won / Seniors 16,500 won
    Adults 16,500 won / Middle to high school students 13,000 won / Children 9,000 won

    ※ One child under the age of 4 can enter free of charge if the child is accompanied by an adult. (Except for group visitors)
    ※ For second child and more under the age of 4, ticket purchase will be required.  
    ※ Proof of identification required for all visitors.
    ※ Groups of 20 or more should call in advance for a group discount. (Tel: +82-2-6002-6312)

    Discount Information
    For more information, click refer to the official homepage: 

    Not allowed

    Credit Cards Accepted

    Parking Facilities
    B2 - B4 levels – multistory car park (4,800 spaces)

    * Entrances to car park:
    ASEM tower (East gate) / Trade tower / Convention Anex (West gate) / Opposite to Bongeunsa Temple (North gate)

    Parking Fee
    * Aquarium visitors are eligible for a 50% discount when parking for 3 hours. (6,000 won for three hours)
    * After 3 hours, 1,000won is charged for every 15 minutes.

    Groups (More than 20 people) - Contact the Sales & Promotions Team
    +82-2-6002-6214, 6211~3

    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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