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Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall (김해한옥체험관)

  • Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall (김해한옥체험관)
  • Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall (김해한옥체험관)
  • Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall (김해한옥체험관)
  • Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall (김해한옥체험관)
  • Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall (김해한옥체험관)
40, Garak-ro 93beon-gil, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 김해시 가락로93번길 40 (봉황동)
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  • Information
    The Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall was built by Gimhae City as part of a project to restore and preserve the structures and culture of Gaya, an ancient kingdom that flourished in the Gimhae area more than a thousand years ago. Operation of the Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall has been entrusted to the Gimhae Culture Foundation.

    The original plan was to reproduce an enormous eight-building traditional house complete with 99 rooms, which was a symbol of wealth and authority for the nobility of the Joseon Dynasty. However, due to extenuating circumstances, one building could not be built. As a result, the facility is comprised of seven completed buildings housing 85 rooms, including the sarangchae (men’s quarters), anchae (women’s quarters), byeolchae (out-building), araechae (outer-wing building), bakkatchae (outbuilding), haengnangchae (servants’ quarters), and sadang (shrine).

    The Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall is the pride of Gimhae. On the outside it is a historical recreation of Joseon noble’s house, but on the inside is equipped with modern convenience facilities. Packed with traditional Korean culture and hands-on activities, the hall provides visitors a true immersion into Korea’s proud past.


    Activity Information
    [Tea Ceremony Etiquette]
    Learning how to make and drink a tea

    [Hanji Paper Handicraft]
    Making daily items using hanji (Korean paper)

    Making injeolmi by pounding rice cake

    [Traditional Knot]
    Making daily accessories including key ring, necklace and others using a traditional knot

    [Straw Craft]
    Making items using straw such as photo frame, lucky bag, and pack for eggs, etc.

    Learn about Korean opera

    Samulnori (traditional percussion quartet) experience

    [Traditional Game]
    Jegichagi (Korean hacky sack), paengichigi (top-spinning), yutnori (traditional board game)

    [Bibimbap Experience]
    Eating bibimbap and learning Korean culture

    [Natural Dye Experience]


    Operating Hours
    09:00-18:00 (Korean restaurant: 10:00-21:00)

    Maximum Occupancy
    30 people

    Parking Facilities

    Available Facilities
    Lodging, Korean restaurant, traditional tea garden, cultural experience programs, traditional marriage ceremony, performances, classes, seminars, etc.

    Facility Utilization Fees
    Accommodations & Restaurant
    - Geoandang
    Geoandang is the complex’s anchae (women’s quarters). As well as bedrooms, the spacious daecheongmaru (main hall) can be used as a meeting venue.

    - Damgyeongheon
    Damgyeongheon is the complex’s sarangchae (men’s quarters). As well as bedrooms, it includes two living rooms, the numaru and the daecheongmaru. The numaru is a loft, which is connected to other rooms, and the deacheongmaru is actually a raised room that is open to the elements (a little like a pavilion). Daecheongmaru is decorated with a traditional lamp, wooden pillow, and other historical items. It can also be used as a meeting venue, but its living rooms are smaller than the one in Geoandang.

    - Tammidang
    Tammidang, is a byeolchae (outbuilding) and is a place for enjoying the beauty of nature. It is the most beautiful building at the Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall.

    - Jeonhyangsil
    Jeonhyangsil is a traditional tea garden that was specially built to preserve the culture of Korea’s traditional tea ceremony.

     - Gamjibang
    Gamjibang is a traditional Korean restaurant where you can enjoy exquisite royal cuisine.

    Admission Fees

    Facilities for the Handicapped
    Wheelchair rental services (*Advanced inquiry required)

    Interpretation Services Offered
    * Reservations should be made in advance.

    Not permitted

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