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HUFS Foreign Language Training and Testing Center (한국외국어대학교 한국어문화교육원 프로그램)

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107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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    Hankuk University of Foreign Languages (HUFS) is one of the leading private universities in Korea with 50 years of experience in teaching foreign languages. This university specialized in foreign languages opened the language center in 1992 for the benefit of foreigners and overseas Koreans who wish to learn the Korean language. For the past 15 years, this language institution has taught Korean language for students from 18 different countries around the world. HUFS also runs regular undergraduate (Dept. of Korean Language Education) and Graduate (Dept. of Korean Lang & Lit, Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language) programs including programs in the Graduate School of Education (Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language) to nuture outstanding talent in the education and teaching of the Korean language. Over fifty years of methodology, talent and experience makes HUFS Foreign Language Training and Testing Center a quality place to learn the Korean language.

    [Intensive Language Course]
    This regular Korean Language Course is open to foreign students and ethnic Koreans living overseas. Each class has placement for 12-15 students. (One semester lasts for 10 weeks, approximately 200 hours, Monday through Friday, 4 hours per day between 09:00-13:00. There are afternoon class running for those who cannot attend morning class, however, students must complete more than 4/5 of the course schedule in order to acquire the course certification.

    [Short-term Course]
    This is open to foreigners and ethnic Koreans living overseas for a short course during the summer and winter and is program lasting four weeks, training students in the spoken and written language. The course also includes some cultural experience programs. (Monday through Friday, between 09:00-13:00, 7~13 students per class)

    University students, graduates, high school graduates or of higher standing

    Required Documents
    * Required Documents
    1. Application Form (link) (attach photo)→ 3x4cm
    2. Certificate of Graduation from last school attended (English)
    3. A copy of Passport (page with photo)
    4. A Sponsorship Letter (notarized, only required for D-4 student visa issuance)

    **Required Documents for Chinese Language Students**
    1. Application Form (photo, name and address in English), statement of purpose
    2. Certificate of Graduation from Final School (original copy)
    3. Academic Transcript covering all the years in final school (original)
    4. A copy of passport
    5. A Sponsorship Letter a certificate of employment under applicant's name (original) or other financial documents
    6. Financial documents
    1) Certificates substantiating parent(s)' employment or annual income (original copies), Hogubu and copy of ID card (student and parents)
    2) Certificate of Bank Balance under the student's name (original copy) (Min USD 3,000 or Yuan equivalent to USD 3,000)

    ※ As it normally takes two months for the entire registration process, please make sure that you send all the required documents at least two months prior to the first day of class.

    [Intensive Language Course]
    -Application fee: 60,000 won (not refundable)
    -Tuition fee (including fee for cultural experience programs): 1,480,000 won (per semester)
    -Global Campus tuition fee (including fee for cultural experience programs): 1,332,000 won (per semester)

    [Short-term Course]
    -Tuition fee (including fee for cultural experience programs): 982,000 won (4 weeks)
    ※ All fees and payments for the respective terms should be made in Korean currency (won) to HUFS Foreign Language Training and Testing Center.
    ※ Additional fee of 15,000 won should be paid in advance in order to obtain the acceptance letter via air mail. ※ For applicants to Global Campus, check the details with Administrative Office. (Tel: +82-31-330-4831)

    Applicants should obtain a student visa or a training visa (visa status C-3 or D-4). It takes about a week or longer, depending on where you are, to get a 90-day student visa at the Embassy or Consulate office.
    After 90 days in Korea, applicants may extend their visa as long as they continue to study at the Korean Language Program. People who enter Korea with a tourist visa cannot extend or change the visa status in the country.

    General Short-Term Visa (C-3)
    This visa is generally called a tourist visa or a visiting visa. Students who are planning to study at the language institute for only one term (10 weeks) may apply for the C-3 visa. This visa is good for 3 months (90 days) and can be issued immediately upon application at either a Korean Embassy or Consulate office. The carrier of this visa should coordinate his/her length of study in Korea within the effective days of the visa so as to avoid risking visa expiration during the course of study.

    General Student Visa (D-4)
    Students who are planning to study for more than one term should apply for the D-4 visa. This visa is usually good for 6 months at a time and can be renewed within Korea. Since this visa takes approximately 1 month to process upon application at either a Korean Embassy or Consulate office, students should apply for this visa at least 2 months before leaving for Korea.

    D-4 Visa Application Procedure for Chinese Students
    Chinese Students normally apply for a six month D-4 visa as the 90 day C-3 visa is often rejected. Chinese students will need to come to the school administrative office to submit the required documents to the school administration and the school will issue a letter of admission after document screening process. The sponsor or guardian providing the letter of Sponsorship must come to a Korean Immigration Office with the necessary documents including an admissions letter (adademic documents, financial documents etc) to apply for a recognitition of visa issuance. It normally takes 3-4 weeks from application to visa issuance for the Immigration office to review the documents and issue the recognition of visa issuance. Once the recognition of visa issuance (granted with a number is issued, the student will be notified of this number and get the visa from a Korean consulate office in China.

    1. Registration/Reservation: E-mail ( or visit HUFS Foreign Language Training and Testing Center (#444, Administration Office at Main Hall) in order to apply.
    2. Check out: Can stay in until 12 p.m. on the next day of completion ceremony.
    3. Extension: Can extend the stay, however, for the term of 3 weeks just before the semester starts is not available for extension. (for vacation period, separate charge will be applied).
    4. Fee:
    -Intensive Language Course (10 weeks): 730,000 - 1,325,000 won / Deposit 300,000
    -Short-term Course (4 weeks): 350,000 – 600,000 won / Deposit 100,000
    ※ Extra charge
    -Single-use studio: 27,000 won (for students studying for a semester or less) / 20,000 won (for students studying more than a semester).
    -2 or 4 people share: 16,000 won (for students studying for a semester or less) /14,000 won (for students studying more than a semester).

    [Boarding Houses (Hasuk) and Studio]
    The center provides useful information for students looking for a place to stay around the university. The cost of boarding house is around 500,000won per month, and at least two meals are provided per day (breakfast, dinner).

    [Gosiwon (Rooms with a desk and a bed)]
    The Center provides information on Gosiwon to students upon request. Gosiwon cost range 300,000 - 400,000won per month. Gosiwons are convenient as they provide a shared kitchen for cooking and a laundry area.

    ※ Inquiries: HUFS Foreign Language Training and Testing Center Administration Office (+82-2-2173-2259, 09:00~17:00, closed on Saturdays and Sundays)

    Registration Cancelation
    Before first day of term: 85% of tuition refundable
    - during the first week of term: 50% of tuition refundable
    - after the first week of term: no refund
    (application charges are not refundable)

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