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Chonnam University Language Education Center (전남대학교 언어교육원)

  • Chonnam University Language Education Center (전남대학교 언어교육원)
  • Chonnam University Language Education Center (전남대학교 언어교육원)
  • Chonnam University Language Education Center (전남대학교 언어교육원)

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Jeonnam Univ. Yongbong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju
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    Since the foundation of its predecessor in 1963, the Language Education Center has been focused on the promotion of the foreign language proficiency of the students and faculty of the Chonnam University. Since 2003, the LEC has been providing mandatory classes for all the students of the university since 2003, "Global EnglishⅠ,Ⅱ" that has become a prerequisite for graduation, expected to play a critical role in the promotion of the foreign language proficiency of all graduates of the university. Other foreign language courses are also offered to the public, to meeting the educational needs of the community at large. The LEC will continue its endeavor, to provide the best language training services for globally competitive future leaders for both the region of Jeollanam-do and the world.


    Intensive Korean Language Program: The Korean language program is offered to students who wish to learn the Korean language with at least a high school diploma or its equivalency, of foreign nationality or ethnic Koreans to prepare them for extended study in Korea. The structured programs offered in the LEC will not only allow the students to acquire the Korean language in advanced levels but also expose to them to the tradition, history, culture as well as the society, politics and economy of the modern day Korea.

    Regular Korean Language Program: This program is offered to the foreigners currently residing in Korea with proficiency levels ranging from 1 (Hangeul for beginners) to 6 (free discussion). An advanced class in writing and presentation skills are also offered. (Total 7 weeks, 35 hours)

    - High school diploma or its equivalent, foreigners or overseas Korean
    - Min age of 18 (western age) at time of enrollment with min 12 years of formal education

    Required Documents

    1. Application Forms (with photo)
    2. A copy of passport
    3. Original copy of certificate of last school attended (notarized)
    4. Original copy of Certificate of Bank Balance (Min. USD 3,000 for 3 months)
    5. 3 photographs
    6. Self-introduction (Korean, English or the native language of the student)

    [Additional Documents for Chinese Students]
    7. Original Copy of Hogubu (Notarized), a copy of certificate of graduation (or expected graduation) from last school attended or enrollement
    8. A copy of ID Card (Father, Mother and Student)
    9. Parent(s)' certificate of employment
    10. Certificate of Parent(s)' annual income


    Submit Application Forms

    Document Review
    (For Chinese Students, interview will be held 2-3 months prior to the course, in China)

    Tuition Payment

    Letter of Admission Sent

    Visa Issued
    (Visa for China and Bangladesh nationalities can request visa in Korea. For other countries, the local Korean consultate office or embassy will issue the visa)

    Arrive in Korea and take the Placement Test

    Classes begin

    Intensive Program: 4.4 million won per year (1.1 million won per semester)
    Regular Program: 210,000won


    Students admitted to the LEC will be eligible to receive either the student visa or a training visa (visa status C-3 or D-4).
    (1) General Short-Term Visa (C-3)
    This visa is good for 3 months (90 days) and can be issued immediately upon application at either a Korean Embassy or Consulate office and is recommended for students enrolling to a 10 week program (a term) or do not have enough time to get the D4 visa. Students can either extend their stay or transfer to D-4 visa by visiting the Immigration Office after arriving in Korea, with the required documentation.

    (2) General Student Visa (D-4)
    Students who are planning to study for more than one term (3 months) should apply for the D-4 visa. This visa is usually good for 6 months at a time and can be renewed within Korea for up to 1 year and six months. Since this visa takes approximately 1 month to process upon application at either a Korean Embassy or Consulate office, students should apply for this visa at least 2 months before leaving for Korea.

    - Student dorms and two rooms
    - Max 300,000won/Month
    - 3 meals provided per day
    - Desk, chair, bed, wardrobe, cooling and heating systems
    - Studio & homestays also available

    Registration Cancelation

    - Application charges are not refundable
    - Before semester start (including 1st day of semester): 100% of tuition for the semester
    - Within 1 week of start: 80% of the semester's tuition
    - After 1 week of start: No refund

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