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Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)

  • Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)
  • Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)
  • Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)
  • Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)
  • Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)
  • Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)
  • Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)
  • Korea Culture House (KOUS) (한국문화의집)

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12-9, Teheran-ro 92-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강남구 테헤란로92길 12-9 (대치동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
• For more Info: +82-2-3011-1788
Vary according to performances
  • Information
    The Korea Culture House (KOUS) opened in April 2003 to introduce Korea’s traditional culture and provide a series of experience programs to both tourists visiting Korea and foreigners already residing in Korea.

    The Korea Culture House comprises a traditional arts performance stage, traditional culture workshops, a traditional teahouse, and a cultural products store. The Traditional Arts Performance Stage has been designed in the shape of a Norimadang (traditional Korean performance stage).

    Performances are held everyday at 8:00pm except on Sundays. The Traditional Culture Workshop currently offers a variety of experience programs including handcrafts. Telephone reservations are required for large groups of 30 people or more. KOUS also provides a traditional teahouse and a cultural products store for visitors to enjoy.

    * Experience Programs
    - Make Knot Accessories 15,000 won
    - Needle Sewing Arts 15,000 won
    - Make Hanji (Korean paper) Ornaments 15,000 won
    - Make Ceramic Cups 20,000 won
    - Patterned Fan Coloring 10,000 won
    - Rubbed Copy Program 10,000 won
    - Taekgyeon (traditional military martial arts) 10,000 won
    - Traditional Korean Bongsan Masked Dance 10,000 won
    - Learn Pungmul (traditional Korean percussions) 10,000 won

    Maximum Occupancy
    160 seats on first floor / 76 seats on second floor

    Program Information
    * Traditional entertainment program: Pungmul (folk music), mask dance, taekgyeon (traditional martial art), minyo (folk song)
    * Arts and crafts program: Hanji (Korean paper) craft, knotting, embroidery, and drawing minhwa (folk painting)
    * Subject to change depending on season and conditions. Please inquiry via phone.

    Parking Facilities
    19 cars
    ( it is not only for performance spot so use transportaion if possible)

    +82-2-3011-1788 (Korean, English)

    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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