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Hantangang Sun Rafting (한탄강썬래프팅)

  • Hantangang Sun Rafting (한탄강썬래프팅)
  • Hantangang Sun Rafting (한탄강썬래프팅)
  • Hantangang Sun Rafting (한탄강썬래프팅)
  • Hantangang Sun Rafting (한탄강썬래프팅)
  • Hantangang Sun Rafting (한탄강썬래프팅)
5053-1, Hoguk-ro, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 철원군 갈말읍 호국로 5053-1 (갈말읍)
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• For more info: +82-33-452-8989
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    Originally, rafting was a term used when riding along on a raft built with logs. However, rafting is now known as a popular water sport where a team of people on PVCs or rubber rafts use paddles to navigate themselves down adventurous ravines or fast-flowing river rapids. Rafting is a great activity, as all you need is water and flowing rapids in order to safely enjoy yourself with speed and thrills. In addition, since this is a sport where a group of people need to work together, you foster team spirit and patience. Last of all, you will need to use all of your strength to navigate through the water currents with paddles, resulting in a full-body workout body while taking in the crisp, clean air of the mountains.


    Program Activities
    Course 1: Jiktang Falls-Seungilgyo Bridge, 7km, 2hr 30min
    Course 2: Seungilgyo Bridge-Sundam Valley, 7km, 2hr 30min
    Course 3: Sundam Valley-Guntangyo Bridge, 7km, 2hr 30min
    Course 4: Seungilgyo Bridge-Guntangyo Bridge, 11km, 4hr
    Course 5: Jiktang Falls-Sundam Valley, 11km, 4hr
    Course 6: Jiktang Falls-Guntangyo Bridge, 17km, 7hr

    Rental Fees
    Courses 1-3: General 33,000 won
    Courses 4-5: General 49,000 won
    Course 6: General 60,000 won
    * Fares are subject to change; visit the website to confirm.

    Homepage: Reservation

    Inquiries: +82-33-452-8989

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