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Aayang Gichatgil (아양기찻길)

  • Aayang Gichatgil (아양기찻길)
  • Aayang Gichatgil (아양기찻길)
  • Aayang Gichatgil (아양기찻길)
  • Aayang Gichatgil (아양기찻길)
  • Aayang Gichatgil (아양기찻길)
  • Aayang Gichatgil (아양기찻길)
  • Aayang Gichatgil (아양기찻길)
  • Address 82, Haedong-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
    대구광역시 동구 해동로 82 (지저동)
  • Type Architectural & Sculptural Highlights
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  • Information
    After 78 years of operating, Ayang Railroad Bridge was discontinued and turned into a cultural space with a name Ayang Gichatgil. This attraction is 277 meters in length, 14.2 meters in height and total area of 427.75㎡. Visitors can enjoy the observatory, exhibitions, cafe and other facilities. The attraction was award Red Dot Design Award for restoring a discontinued railraod bridge using public design. Nearby attractions include Simni Cherry Blossom Road, Gomoryeongbi Monument, Dongchong Resort, and Onggijonggi Happy Village.

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Tour Course Information
    Simni Cherry Blossom Road - Gomoryeongbi Monument - Ayang Gichatgil

    Film Locations
    Drama "Oh My Venus (2015)"

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