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Donggang River (Yeongwol) (동강(영월))

  • Donggang River (Yeongwol) (동강(영월))
  • Donggang River (Yeongwol) (동강(영월))
  • Donggang River (Yeongwol) (동강(영월))
  • Donggang River (Yeongwol) (동강(영월))
  • Donggang River (Yeongwol) (동강(영월))
  • Donggang River (Yeongwol) (동강(영월))
Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 영월군 영월읍 동강로 826 (영월읍, 동강래프팅) 일대
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    The Donggang River flows through the Gangwon-do district, and is a tributary to the South Hangang River. The Donggang River spans an area of 60km from Jeongseon to Yeongwol. The Donggang River is a well-preserved river, left untouched due to the strong current of the waters and the rugged geography of the mountains. The Donggang River follows a snaky path splitting the chiseled cliffs surrounding it. Many tourists visit the area to see rare animals such as otters, Mandarin ducks, and Chinese scops owls and so on. Donggang River is also famous for white-water rafting.


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