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Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)

  • Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)
  • Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)
  • Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)
  • Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)
  • Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)
  • Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)
  • Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)
  • Imcheonggak House (안동 임청각)

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20, Beopheung-dong, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 안동시 임청각길 63 (법흥동)
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  • Information
    The Imcheonggak Pavilion was built as a home during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1919) because of one aristocratic family’s love for the scenic beauty of the surrounding area. The most famous structure on this property is the annexed pavilion. Imcheonggak is designated Treasure No.182. Thankfully this structure was untouched during the Japanese invasion taking place from 1592-1598.
    An autograph of the famous Confucius scholar, Lee Hwang (1501-1570), can be found hanging outside the pavilion.


    Activity Information
    Splitting firewood, heating Ondol (heated floor) room, cooking rice with hard boiled eggs and pumpkin leaves in a traditional caldron, baking potatoes and corn in a furnace, making noodle snacks and nurungji (rice crusts), roasting chestnuts in a brazier, eating Andong Guksi (dinner) on a straw mat, making traditional Andong Guksi sujebi (soup dumplings), neolttwigi (Korean see-saw), a game of tuho (arrow-throwing) and yut (traditional game using four sticks), fishing in a pond, fumigating mosquitoes.

    Operating Hours
    24 hrs

    Admission Fees

    Facility Utilization Fees
    - Main room (maximum capacity: 6 people) + secret room + electric Ondol (heated floor): 120,000 won
    - Big-sized room (maximum capacity: 6 people) + Ondol: 100,000 won
    - Mid-sized room (maximum capacity: 2 people) + Ondol: 50,000 won
    - Sarangchae (Detached house) (Maximum capacity: 2 people) + Ondol: 70,000 won
    - 2 Haengnangchae (servants’ quarters) rooms (maximum capacity: 2 people per room) + electric Ondol: 50,000 won
    - Byeoldang (Separate house with 3 rooms) + Daecheongmaru (Bamboo floor) + pond + electric Ondol: 200,000 won

    * Reservations and 10% deposit required.
    * Inquiries: +82-54-853-3455 (Korean only)


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