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Abai Village (아바이 마을)

  • Abai Village (아바이 마을)
  • Abai Village (아바이 마을)
  • Abai Village (아바이 마을)
  • Abai Village (아바이 마을)
  • Abai Village (아바이 마을)
  • Abai Village (아바이 마을)
  • Abai Village (아바이 마을)
122-1, Cheongho-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 속초시 청호로 122-1
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    The village of Cheongho-dong is now the hometown to many people of North Korean ancestry and is commonly referred to as ‘Abai village.’ The word ‘Abai’ comes from the Hamgyeong-do dialect meaning ‘an aged person.’ Many elderly people fled to Cheongho-dong from North Korea during the Korean War; the large number of older residents resulted in the town’s current nickname.
    The streets of Cheongho-dong are lined with small Korean houses reminding many of Seoul in the 1970s. The simple nature of the town and quietness of the sea make for a unique atmosphere in Cheongho-dong. This area became extremely popular after the Korean drama "Autumn in My Heart" was filmed here. In the drama, the lead actress’s mother had a supermarket in Cheongho-dong. Nearby the supermarket the lead actress often took a boat, which has now become a popular attraction for tourists. Holding up to 35 people, this ‘Gaetbae’ boat operates on manpower (people pulling on ropes moving the boat across a waterway) and can be taken from downtown Sokcho to Cheongho-dong. When looking for a bite to eat, Abai sundae and hamheung naengmyeon are two of the most popular dishes.

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    KBS drama "Autumn in My Heart (2000)"

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