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Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)

  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
140, Yeongnanghoban-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 속초시 영랑호반길 140 (금호동)
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    Yeongnangho Lake is a naturally formed lagoon with a circumference of roughly 8 kilometers. The name originated during the Silla Period (57 BC – AD 935), when a young man named Yeongnang is said to have discovered the lake, as recorded in Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms.

    Beombawi Rock, one of Sokcho's eight scenic attractions, is located on the shore of Yeongnangho Lake. This rock is said to resemble a tiger (beom in Korean) crouching over the lake.

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