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Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)

  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Yeongnangho Lake (영랑호)
  • Address 140, Yeongnanghoban-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
    강원도 속초시 영랑호반길 140 (금호동)
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    Yeongnangho Lake is a deep and large lake with a circumference of 7.8 km, an area of about 1.2 km2, and a depth of over 8 m, formed by the development of coastal dunes. The source water originates from the Jangcheoncheon Stream, passing through the lake, and goes to the East Sea via the waterway under the Yeongnanggyo Bridge. The lake is adjacent to the areas of Jangsa-dong, Yeongnang-dong, Dongmyeong-dong, and Geumho-dong. The pleasant trail is also established around the lakeside, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms, azaleas, and reeds. According to Samguk yusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms), the name of the lake comes from Silla’s hwarang (elite warrior group in Silla) member named “Yeongnang.” After training at Geumgangsan Mountain, Yeongnang passed this lake on the way to get to the martial arts competition. As he was so taken by the splendid landscape, however, he forgot about the competition and stayed here for a long time. As the old record says, Yeongnangho Lake boasts outstanding scenery. Beombawi Rock, in particular, evokes visitors’ admiration as one of the Eight Sights of Sokcho. The rock, which resembles the shape of a tiger crouching down, has an aura of mystery. The nearby tourist attractions also include Gwaneumam Rock, which is known for the strange rocks and bizarre stones, Bogwangsa Temple, and the Wetland Eco Park, which is located in the west of the lakeside.

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