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Gwanggyosan Mountain (광교산)

  • Gwanggyosan Mountain (광교산)
  • Gwanggyosan Mountain (광교산)
Sanggwanggyo-dong, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 수원시 장안구 상광교동 산58-1
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  • Information
    Gwanggyosan Mountain makes up the border between Suwon-si and Yongin-si, and the ridgeline is relatively mild and gentle. It takes an hour to get to the top of Gwanggyosan Mountain for enjoying view of Mountain. You can also enjoy the landscape of surrondings on top of Gwanggyosan Mountain. The Gwanggyo reservoir is located beneath the mountain, with 1.9km walkway surrounding it. It is ideal for couples.


    Hiking Course
    * Kyunggi university→Hyungjae Bong→Siru Bong→Jiji dae(10.2km/4hr)
    * Munamgol→baeknyun fountain→Hyungjae Bong→Siru Bong(3.4km/2hr)
    * YAngji nongwon→ttokki jae→siru bong→tongsin dae→jiji dae(6.4km /3hr) and more.

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