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Chodang Sundubu Village (초당순두부마을)

  • Chodang Sundubu Village (초당순두부마을)
  • Chodang Sundubu Village (초당순두부마을)
  • Chodang Sundubu Village (초당순두부마을)

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99, Chodangsundubu-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 강릉시 초당순두부길 99 (초당동) 일대
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    Just south of Gyeongpo Beach is Chodang Sundubu Village, which is famous for sundubu (watery tofu). Along Gangneung's most famous food street the beans are ground for Chodang sundubu, then through several steps, salt water from the East Sea is used in the congealing process resulting in a soft and light tofu. The name of this village, Chodang, originates from the name of a famous family that once lived here known as Chodang-Heoyeop. Heoyeop was the father of son, writer/poet Heo-gyun [1569~1618] and daughter, poet Heonan-seolheon [1563~1589]. A traditional-style Korean house has been reconstructed on the site where the original house of Heo-gyun and Heonan-seolheon once stood.

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