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Seonam Valley (Haseon Rock) (선암계곡(하선암))

  • Seonam Valley (Haseon Rock) (선암계곡(하선암))
  • Seonam Valley (Haseon Rock) (선암계곡(하선암))
  • Seonam Valley (Haseon Rock) (선암계곡(하선암))
  • Seonam Valley (Haseon Rock) (선암계곡(하선암))
  • Seonam Valley (Haseon Rock) (선암계곡(하선암))
  • Seonam Valley (Haseon Rock) (선암계곡(하선암))
  • Seonam Valley (Haseon Rock) (선암계곡(하선암))
1337, Seonamgyegok-ro, Danseong-myeon, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 단양군 단성면 선암계곡로 1337 (단성면)
Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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    Seonam Valley includes three of the eight sceneries in Danyang, the Sangseon Rock, Junseon Rock, and Haseon Rock (Haseon-am). The valley flows in from Mt. Wolaksan, and because it is big and has many interesting looking rocks, it has been famous for a long time. Among the rocks, the area that has the Haseon Rock is said to be the most beautiful in Seonam Valley. Divided into 3 horizontal layers, the white rock is 3 km long, and has large, round rocks stacked on top of each other. The way the area blends in with the surrounding mountains is especially beautiful in the spring, when the azaleas bloom, and in the fall when the leaves turn color. In the Haseon Rock region, there are places where you can stay overnight, so you can enjoy being near the water and stay the night. Past Haseon Rock is Jungseon Rock, where the water currents are not strong, and many trees provide shade, so you can play in the water. But it is not a fit place to spend the night. From Jungseon rock, if you go travel up the river, you will come to Sangseon Rock. This area has many interesting looking rocks, and if you go just a bit further up, you can see the Teukseon Rock. Teukseon Rock has facilities where you can spend the night. It is one of the great tour sites where you can enjoy the view of fancy rocks and clean valley water as you rest. Tourists especially frequent it in the summer looking for cool valleys and mountain water.

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