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Hallyeohaesang National Park (Geoje District) (한려해상국립공원-거제)

  • Hallyeohaesang National Park (Geoje District) (한려해상국립공원-거제)
Jangseungpo-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 거제시 장승포동 일원
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    Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park was designated as the first national marine park in 1968 and covers the area between Jisimdo Island in Geoje and Odongdo Island in Yeosu with six separate districts including Geoje, Tongyeong, Sacheon, Hadong, Namhae and Odongdo Island. It spans over an area of 535.676 ㎢ and the ocean accounts for 76% of the total area. The outstanding view created by the sea and land attracts over 1 million visitors every year.

    Geoje is made up of 10 inhabited islands and 50 uninhabited islands. Two-thirds of the area is included in Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park, featuring Haegeumgang River, designated as Scenic Site No. 2, and Daebyeongdaedo Island & Sobyeongdaedo Island, one of the most stunning points of Hallyeo Waterway. Also, the drive on the coastal road between Yeocha and Hongpo offers a breathtaking view of Dadohae Islets unfolding from the peak of Cheonjangsan Mountain and Nojasan Mountain.

    Hallyeohaesang National Park Office

    * Subject to abrupt closure due to adverse weather conditions.

    Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)

    * More information is available via phone inquiry via +55-860-5800 or +82-55-640-2400.

    Mountain Not Access Period
    Seasonal fire-prevention and natural resource protection period (restricted trails)
    Feb 15-Apr 30
    - Noryang Park ~ Peak of Sanseongsan Peak
    - Jeseungdang Dock ~ Yeomho-ri 776beonji
    * Period is subject to change depending on weather condition so please confirm through the official website’s notices.

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    - Noryang Park ~ Peak of Sanseongsan Peak
    - Jeseungdang Dock ~ Yeomho-ri 776beonji

    Areas Open to the Public
    Geumsan Mountain entrance (금산입구) - Geumsan Mountain peak (정상)
    Neukdo Parking Lot (늑도주차장) - Keunseomsan Mountain (큰섬산)
    Bokgok Parking Lot 2 (본곡제2주차장) - Sangsaam (상사암) - Ssanghongmun Gate (쌍홍문)
    Dumo Valley (두모계곡) ~ Busoam (부소암) ~ Itaejo gidang (이태조 기당)
    Choyang Rest Area (초양휴게소) - Choyangdo Island (초양도)
    Iraksa Temple entrance (이락사입구) - Observatory (전망대)
    Nodo Village (노도마을) - Gimmanjungyuheoji (김만중유허지)
    Wolgok Valley (월곡) ~ Chamyeon (차면)
    Somaemuldo Island (소매물도) ~ Maemul Lighthouse (매물등대)
    Jisimdo Island Ferry Dock (지심도 선착장) ~ Coastal Horizon Observatory (해안선 전망대)
    Danggeum Village (당금마을) ~ Daehang Village (대항마을)
    Gujora Dock (구조라 선착장) ~ Gujora Village (구조라 마을)
    * 40 areas opened, including the areas above

    Hiking Course
    [Tour Course]
    Haegeumgang River ~ Ujebong Peak ~ Seokgae Beach Course (1.5km / 40 minutes)
    Jisimdo Island Ferry Dock ~ Coastal Horizon Observatory Course (1.8km / 50 minutes)

    Parking Facilities

    Admission Fees


    Parking Fees
    Small vehicles (under 1000cc): 2,000 won
    Mid-sized vehicles: 4,000 won (Peak season 5,000 won)
    Large vehicles: 6,000 won (Peak season 7,500 won)
    * Free: Regular shuttle buses (Not including monthly parking leasers)

    Baby Stroller Rentals
    Not available

    Not permitted

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