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Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan (지리산 10경)

  • Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan (지리산 10경)
  • Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan (지리산 10경)
  • Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan (지리산 10경)
  • Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan (지리산 10경)
  • Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan (지리산 10경)
  • Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan (지리산 10경)
Sandong-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do/ Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do/ Hadong-gun& Hamnyang-gun& Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
전남 구례군 산동면 ,전북 남원시, 경남 하동군, 함양군, 산청군
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    Its deep valleys and unique mountain formations are what make Jirisan Mountain truly spectacular. It consists of numerous peaks, and is known to be well-preserved and clean. 'Ten Scenic Views of Jirisan Mountain' are particular memorable and simply breathtaking.

    Perhaps Jirisan Mountain’s most signature highlight is its incredible sunrise; the scarlet sunlight from the horizon in the east is spectacular, and arguably the best place to watch it in Korea. The second highlight is the 'Nogodan Sea of Clouds.' Located to the west of Jirisan Mountain, Nogodan Peak is said to boast the most outstanding views of Jirisan Mountain. If you climb up to the peak following the Hwaeomsa Valley, at times the sea of clouds are visible from below the peak. The third notable highlight is 'Banyabong’s Nakjo.' Banyabong Peak is a huge dome shaped feature. One of the big joys of climbing Banyabong is to see the Nakjo. The fourth selected highlight is the full moon; the beautiful scarlet sky together with the black mountain line produce an exquisite painted background to the rising of the moon. The fifth notable feature is the red sunset seen through the mountain haze. The sixth is the deep waterfall between the peaks of Cheonghakbong and Baekhakbong. The 60m fall produces a tremendous sound. The seventh of Jirisan's highlights is Piagol Autumn Leaves. At the village, walk 10 minutes further towards Piagol and you will come to a pine forest at the edge of Jeollanam-do and Gyeongsangnam-do. It is called Piagol, the best broad-leaved tree forest in Jirisan Mountain area. In the spring, you will see the Azaleas, in the summer the green trees, and in the fall, the autumn leaves, and in the winter, the beautiful view of snow-covered landscape. But the autumnal colors of Piagol are some of the best in the world. Every year the Autumn Leaves Festival is held here. The eighth highlight is the royal azalea blossoming between the rocks. In the spring, the royal azaleas blanket the mountain. There is a field that extends 1200m in the southern area of Jirisan Mountain covered with flowers known as Royal Azalea Plateau. The ninth feature is the Chilseon Valley. With its roots in Cheonwonbong Peak, it is one of our nation’s three best valleys. According to legend, seven gods are said to be living in Chilseondong Valley. Finally, the tenth most scenic feature is Seomjincheongryu. Flowing southwesterly across Jirisan Mountain and into the south coast, the Seomjingang River is so clear that it is sometimes compared to blue silk. The white sandy beaches on either side of the river are also very beautiful.

    Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)
    Special preservation areas of National Park
    * Jangteomok Restoration Area (hiking path excluded): until 2026
    * Jeseokbong Peak Gusang Tree Restoration Area (hiking path excluded): until 2026
    * Wangdeungjaegosan Marsh: until 2026
    * Chilbulsa Temple-Tokkibong Peak: until 2027
    * Samdobong Peak ~ Ssukbatjae Pass ~ Chibatmok (hiking path excluded): until 2026

    Night-time Hike Restriction Notice
    Hiking at night is prohibited (from sunset to 2 hours before sunrise). This is for the safety of visitors and to protect the park from potential fires.

    Mountain Not Access Period
    Seasonal Forest Fire Watch
    February 1 - May 15 / November 1-December 15
    * TBD by park directors based on weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions. Refer to the homepage.

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    Refer to the website for updated information (

    Parking Facilities

    Available Facilities
    Shelter, campground, visitors' center

    Parking Fees
    Light-weight vehicles 2,000 won
    Small & Mid-sized vehicles 4,000-5,000 won
    Large vehicles 6,000-7,500 won

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