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Sungnyemun Gate (Namdaemun Gate) (숭례문)

  • Sungnyemun Gate (Namdaemun Gate) (숭례문)
  • Sungnyemun Gate (Namdaemun Gate) (숭례문)
  • Sungnyemun Gate (Namdaemun Gate) (숭례문)
  • Sungnyemun Gate (Namdaemun Gate) (숭례문)
  • Sungnyemun Gate (Namdaemun Gate) (숭례문)
40, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 세종대로 40 (남대문로4가)
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  • Information
    Sungnyemun Gate is Korea’s National Treasure No. 1, and its unofficial name is Namdaemun Gate. Sungnyemun Gate is the largest castle gate stone structure with an arched entrance in the middle. There’s a column on top of a platform, raising the roof, distinguishing the upper stories and lower stories of the building. Passageways for traffic are located at the east and west ends of the gate. Different from the other gates, Sungnyemun Gate’s tablet has its name written vertically.

    On February 10, 2008, Sungnyemun was destroyed by fire. After a 5-year reconstruction work, the gate was re-opened to the public again as of May 4, 2013.


    Current Status
    National Treasure No.1 (Designated on December 20, 1962)


    Operating Hours
    June-August: 09:00–18:30
    December-February: 09:00-17:30

    Parking Facilities
    Not available

    Admission Fees

    Not available

    Not permitted

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