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Daeseung Falls (대승폭포)

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Hangye3-ri, Buk-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 인제군 북면 한계3리
Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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    Daeseung Falls was known as a major recreation site of King Gyeong-Sun (reign 927~935), the last king of Silla Kingdom (BC 57~AD 935). The size is twice as large as those of Guryong Falls of Mt. Geumgangsan or Bakyeon Falls of Gaeseong. It is located in the Naeseorak area of the Mt.Seoraksan. Across from Daeseung Falls is a large rock, where in Chinese characters “Gucheoneunha” is carved. The stream of the waterfall is 88m long. Pass to the left of Jangsudae ticket booth, go past Sajung Falls and climb up a steep and rocky path, and you will reach an observatory area where you can view the scenery of Daeseung Falls. Along the path leading to the observatory area is an iron ladder. Walk on the right walkway to Daseungryeong for 5 minutes and you will meet a narrow path that leads right up to the waterfall. This pathway attracts many visitors because of its beautiful surroundings and water streams.

    According to the myth, there once was a person named Daeseung who lived alone after his parents died when he was young, and lived by selling mushrooms. One day, when he was plowing with his body tied to a hawser hung under the rock pillar of the waterfall, he heard his mother's voice calling for him. When he climbed up to the top of the cliff, he instead found a large centipede cutting the rope. Following the myth, the waterfall became to be called Daeseung because of the mothers voice that saved her sons life.

    Hiking Course
    * Biryong Falls Course (2.4km / 50min)
    Sogongwon – Yukdam Falls - Biryong Falls

    * Geumganggul Cave Course (3.6km / 1hr 40min)
    Sogongwon – Waseondae – Biseondae - Geumganggul Cave

    * Ulsanbawi Rock Course (3.8km / 2hrs 20min)
    Sogongwon – Sinheungsa Temple – Gyejoam - Ulsanbawi Rock

    * Yongso Falls Course (3.2km / 1hr 10min)
    Yaksuteo Visitor Center – Seongguksa Temple - Yongso Falls- Yongso Falls Visitor Center

    * Baekdamsa Temple Course (6km / 1hr 20min)
    Baekdam Visitor Center - Baekdamsa Temple

    * Daeseung Falls Course (0.9km / 50min)
    Jangsudae - Daeseung Falls

    * Yangpok Course (6km / 3hrs 50min)
    Sogongwon – Waseondae – Biseondae – Gwimyeonam – Yangpok Shelter

    * Suryeomdong Course (10.7km / 3hrs 10min)
    Baekdamsa Temple – Yeongsiam – Suryeomdong Shelter

    * Namgyori Course (11.3km / 7hrs 30min)
    Namgyori – Boksungatang – Daeseungnyeong – Jangsudae

    * Daecheongbong Peak (Osaek) Course (10km / 8hrs)
    Osaek – Seorak Falls – Daecheongbong Peak – Seorak Falls – Osaek

    * Heullimgol Course (3.3km / 2hrs 30min)
    Heullimgol jikimteo – Deungseondae – Yongso Visitor Center

    * Gwongeumseong Course (1.5km / 30min)
    Sogongwon – Cable car - Gwongeumseong

    2 Day Course

    * Daecheongbong Peak (Hangyeryeong) Course (19.3km / 13hrs 20min)
    Hangyeryeong Visitor Center – Hangyeryeong crossroads – Seobuk ridge – Daecheongbong Peak – Huiungak – Biseondae – Sogongwon

    * Daecheongbong Peak (Seorakdong) Course (16km / 11hrs 20min)
    Sogongwon – Biseondae – Huiungak – Daecheongbong Peak – Seorak Falls - Osaek

    * Daecheongbong Peak (Baekdam) Course (31km / 16hrs)
    Baekdamsa Temple – Yeongsiam – Suryeomdong Shelter – Bongjeongam – Socheongbong Peak – Daecheongbong Peak – Huiungak - Biseondae

    * Gongnyong ridge Course (22.1km / 16hrs 30min)
    Sogongwon – Geumganggul Cave – Madeungnyeong - Gongnyong ridge – Huiungak – Daecheongbong Peak – Osaek

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