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Jumunjin Beach (주문진해변)

  • Jumunjin Beach (주문진해변)
  • Jumunjin Beach (주문진해변)
  • Jumunjin Beach (주문진해변)
  • Jumunjin Beach (주문진해변)
210, Jumunbuk-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 강릉시 주문진읍 주문북로 210 (주문진읍)
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    Jumunjin Beach (주문진 해수욕장) is located in the northern-most part of Gangneung, and is a great place for family vacations due to the beach's shallow water. The flat bottom and clear water make it easy to gather clams and to fish at the nearby lake. You can also easily purchase low-priced, fresh seafood because of its proximity to Jumunjin Harbor. Jumunjin Beach is a medium-sized beach characterized by fine sand and unusually blue water. Many dark colored rocks and stones are visible as well, which are interesting sites for tourists visiting the beach. The fine view of pine trees behind the white sands only accentuates its beauty.

    Nearby is a place called Mureung Valley, named after its scenery of Mureungdowon, a Chinese landscape where you can see a waterfall flowing down a rock wall and cows grazing in the area. Nearby is a rock called Sikdangam, believed to have been used as a dining table, and Geumgang temple, which was rebuilt in 1964. Sites you don't want to miss are the legendary rock called Adeulbawi Rock (Son Rock), which people believe can grant you a son. Guryong Waterfall, which is made up of 9 different waterfalls of different sizes, and Sogeumgang’s Manmulsang, which looks like a miniature version of Mt. Geumgangsan.


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