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Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)

  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
  • Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
90 Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 용인시 기흥구 민속촌로 90 (보라동)
Old Houses/ Birth houses/Folk Villages
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  • Information
    Korean Folk Village introduces traditional culture from the late Joseon period to both local and international visitors through cultural classes experience, shaman faith, seasonal customs and others. Also, the village shows various places with unique features such as a farming village, private house, official districts, Confucian academy, seodang (village school), and a village street in realistic descriptions, as well as, a nobleman’s house and traditional workshop.

    Performances including nongak (farmer’s music), martial art on horseback, traditional wedding ceremony, and other special events are available by season. In particular, ‘Welcome to Joseon’, held every May is a performance featuring time travel back to the olden days. In addition, a large family park where the eruption of a volcano site, ice sledding site, and markets are located. Visitors can enjoy Korean traditional rice cake like jeungpyeon (steamed and fermented rice cake), injeolmi (rice cake coated with bean powder), bukeo-gui (grilled dried pollack), or pajeon (green onion pancake) along with dongdongju (traditional Korean liquor).

    Opening date
    October 3, 1974

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Activity Information
    * Korean folk play experience programs
    * Traditional life experience programs

    Operating Hours
    [February-April] Weekdays 09:30-18:00 / Weekends 09:30-18:30
    [May 1 - July 31] Weekdays 09:30-18:30 / Weekends 09:30-19:00
    [August 1 - November 17] 09:30-20:00
    [November 18 - January 31] Weekdays 09:30-17:30 / Weekends 09:30-18:00

    Parking Facilities

    Parking Fees
    Small cars: 2,000 won
    Large vehicles: 3,000 won
    * No additional fee will apply after the initial charge.

    Admission Fees
    Individuals: Adults (ages 19 and up) 22,000 won / Teenagers (ages 13-18): 19,000 won / Children 17,000 won

    [One-day ticket]
    Individuals: Adults 30,000 won / Teenagers 27,000 won / Children 24,000 won


    Interpretation Services Offered
    English, Japanese, Chinese
    * Advanced reservations are required for guided tour.

    Online reservation: (under Travel Guide page)

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