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Jatyanggi Purunsup Resort (잣향기푸른숲)

  • Jatyanggi Purunsup Resort (잣향기푸른숲)
  • Jatyanggi Purunsup Resort (잣향기푸른숲)
  • Jatyanggi Purunsup Resort (잣향기푸른숲)
  • Jatyanggi Purunsup Resort (잣향기푸른숲)
  • Jatyanggi Purunsup Resort (잣향기푸른숲)
289-146, Chungnyeong-ro, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 가평군 상면 축령로 289-146 (상면)
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  • Information
    Located in Gyeonggi-do and home to the nation's largest scale of nut pine trees over 80 years, Jatyanggi Purunsup Resort is a special recreational forest complex where phytoncide emitting from the pleasant woods of the pine tree forest creates a forest healing experience.

    Every Tuesday (If Tuesday is a public holiday, resort opens as usual)

    Activity Information
    - Forest therapy program (5 types)
    - Forest experience program (3 types)
    - Carpentry experience
    * Please refer to official website for more information.

    Age Limit for Activities
    Varies according to program

    Operating Hours
    09:00-8:00 (closes at 17:00 in winter)

    Parking Facilities

    Admission Fees
    Adults (ages 19-64): Individual 1,000 won / Group 800 won
    Teenagers (ages 13-18): Individual 600 won / Group 500 won
    Children (ages 7-12): Individual 300 won / Group 200 won
    ※ Groups: 30 people or more
    ※ Free admission for children ages 6 or below, seniors (ages 65 or above), 경기아이플러스카드 명의자와 동반가족, 「산림문화·휴양에 관한 법률 시행령 제8조 제2항 규정」에 해당하는사람

    Available Facilities
    Exhibition hall, Pinenut carpentry studio, Hwajeonmin Village, Watermill, healing center, forest meditation space, healing path, etc.


    Reservation Info. for Natives
    Phone and online reservations available.

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