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[Namhae Barae-gil Road - Course 1] Daraengi Jiget-gil Trail ([남해 바래길 1코스] 다랭이지겟길)

  • [Namhae Barae-gil Road - Course 1] Daraengi Jiget-gil Trail ([남해 바래길 1코스] 다랭이지겟길)
Pyeongsan-ri, Nam-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 남해군 남면 평산리 (남면)
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    Barae-gil Road gets its name from the belief of Namhae families that the ocean gives life. The purpose of walking along Barae-gil Road is not to simply get some exercise, but to learn life experiences through participating in activities along the way, such as farming and fishing. Course 1 - Daraengi Jiget-gil Trail stretches along the coast from Sachon Beach to Daraengi Village. The trail spans 16km and takes around 5 hours to complete. The trail affords views of the incredible natural scenery from the ocean waves pounding onto the pebble beaches to the terraced fields of rice.

    Tourism Course
    [Namhae Barae-gil Road – Course 1] Daraegi Jiget-gil Trail

    * Length: 16 km

    * * Required time: Approx. 5 hours

    * * Course: Pyeongsanhang Port → Yugu Beommeori Viewpoint (Nokjigi Village) → Yugu Azalea Field → Sachon Beach → Seongu Pebble Beach → Hyangchon → Hyangchon Observatory → Gacheon Daraengi Village → Gacheon Daraengi Village Beach Pavilion


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