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Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (캠프 그리브스)

  • Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (캠프 그리브스)
  • Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (캠프 그리브스)
  • Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (캠프 그리브스)
  • Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (캠프 그리브스)
  • Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (캠프 그리브스)
  • Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (캠프 그리브스)
  • Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (캠프 그리브스)

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137, Jeoksipja-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 파주시 군내면 적십자로 137 (군내면)
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  • Information
    Camp Greaves is the returned place as of August 2007 after US Army Force withdrawal in 1997. It was a camp base for the 506th US Second Infantry Division for about 50 years after the ceasefire agreement of Korean War. An accommodation for officers, living hall, physical activity hall and several other army facilities remained intact, and are considered to be the 'Modern Cultural Heritage' cultural assets. The camp turned into a peace and security experience facility, and it is located just about 2km away from the DMZ. It is also the first youth hostel to be located within a restricted area for civilians in Paju city.

    An entire building of the US Army officer’s accommodation was remodeled into youth hostel and it can accommodate up to 240 guests. The hostel is comprised of an office room and a small auditorium on the first floor and rooms on the second through third floors, and a large auditorium on the fourth floor. To fulfill every need of the visitors, the camp offers diverse programs such as Security OX Quiz, making mini jangseung (totem pole), sotdae (wooden pole), camp playing activity, 'Challenge DMZ Golden Bell', and other exciting programs.


    Film Locations
    Descendants of the Sun (KBS Drama)

    Activity Information
    [Themed Programs]
    - Narasarang 
    DMZ 1129, Narasarang Concert (security education with a music concert concept)

    - Nature Ecology 
    DMZ ecological cultural class 

    - Peace Unification
    Challenge DMZ Golden Bell / Hanging a ribbon for peace / Writing a consolatory letter

    - Other programs
    Relationship-forming program / Camp Greaves Festival / Flying DMZ, etc.

    - Leadership
    Color Leadership / Requirments for being a general / How to lead a conference

    [Optional program]
    Making DMZ chocolates / special lecture by North Korean defector

    [Security History Tour]
    Tour to security site

    * Narasarang Concert is held during weekdays and may be difficult to be held according to situations of military units.
    * Programs are subject to change so make an inquiry or visit the website before visiting.

    Facility Utilization Fees
    Elementary school students 11,000 won / Middle·High school students 12,000 won / University students 15,000 won / Adults 20,000 won

    [Facility Utillization Fees]
    Elementary school students 3,000 won / Middle·High school students 3,000 won / University students 4,000 won / Adults 5,000 won

    [Program Fees]
    One day program: Students 8,000 won / University students & Adults (additional inquiry required)
    Two days One night Program: Elementary school students 16,000 won / Middle·High school students 18,000 won / University Students & Adults (additional inquiry required)
    Three days Two nights Program: Elementary school students 25,000 won / Middle·High school students 27,000 won / University Students & Adults (additional inquiry required)

    Available Facilities
    Accommodations, auditorium, small hall, restaurant, meeting room, snack bar, public cooking area

    Reservation Info. for Natives
    Confirm the reservation via phone after submitting online registration form.
    * Online Reservation via website
    * Inquiry: +82-31-953-6970

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